Vietnam Academy for Water Resources (VAWR) is one of Vietnam’s leading institutions in water resource science and technology. On May 10th 2007 it was accredited special rank by the Prime Minister in accordance with decision 594/QD-TTg’s. Established in 1959, the academy has over 50 years of experience in the water sector and has developed into the modern scientific facility as today. There are over 1500 staff members including 28 professors, associate professors, 1 doctor of science, 65 Ph.Ds, 267 masters and more than 1000 engineers and bachelors. The Academy hasa strong technological background and owns many modern laboratories in key areas of the country.

During its history, the Academy has actively contributed to the country’s key socio-economic development. In the early years of economic recovery, the academy had significant recommendations on building materials for repairing, upgrading and constructing Bac Hung Hai irrigation system, Do Luong dam, Day dam, Van Coc dam, Thac Ba hydropower plant. These structures were of big scale and required complex technical solutions at that time. After the country’s unification, researchers from the academy implemented land reclamation for acid and salty soil, they also involved in building a number of hydraulic structures on the soft ground, which contributed to make Mekong Delta the largest granary of the country.         

In recent years the Academy has done a lot of researches on erosion prevention, river and sea bank protection, disaster reduction, salinity intrusion, environmental protection, management modernisation, irrigation systems operation, hydropower and climate change adaptation. Many new technologies have been applied which resulted in outstanding outcomes such as: pillar dam, floating dam, rubber dam, soil cement pile, beams technology, water saving technology, SCADA, high suction head pump, low water head pump, ram pump, water turbine pump, physical model, spillway, decision support system (DSS) in water resource management.

 VAWR continues to develop and maintain its position as one of the leading research institutions of science and technology in water resources in the region. In the future, VAWR aims to achieve parity with similar institutions in developed countries of the world by 2030.

The academy appreciates the support and cooperation of organisations and individuals from both national and international communities. It is the Academy’s desire to maintain and further develop these relationships on the principle of “cooperation for development and mutual benefit”.

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