A bumper year for scientific research, technology transfer and consultancy services
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In order to further clarify the results and achievements, as well as to analyze the limitations and shortcomings, to draw lessons for the development of the Vietnam Academy for Water Resources (VAWR) in 2018 and the following years, in the 19th January 2018, at the meeting hall of National Key Laboratory for River and Coastal Dynamics, VAWR held an online conference summarizing the work in 2017 and mission direction for 2018.

The online conference took place at three sites: i) at the National Key Laboratory for River and CoastalDynamics, ii) at the Southern Institute for Water Resources Research and iii) at the Central Institute for Water Resources Research for the Central region and Highlands.


Conference Scene

Entertainment items to welcome the conference

Attendants of the summation conference were the representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development: Mr. Vu Xuan Thuy - Member of the MARD communist Party Excurcutive Committee – Member of Chairmanship Board of Vietnam Trade Union - Chairman of MARD Trade Union; Prof. Dr. Dao Xuan Hoc - Former MARD Vice Minister - Former Director of VAWR; Mr. Nguyen Thanh Le - Deputy Director of Organization and Personnel Department; Mr. Dinh Vu Thanh - Deputy Director of Department of Science, Technology and Environment; Mr. Lai Van Uoc - Deputy Director of Finance Department; Mr. Nguyen Van Tinh - Director General of the Directorate of Water Resources; Mr. Tran To Nghi - Director of Construction Management Department; Mr. Nguyen Truong Son - Deputy Director of the General Department of Disaster Prevention; Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tuan Anh - Former Director of VAWR - Head of Science and Technology Program for New Rural Construction. There are also representatives of departments under MARD. On behalf of the Ministry of Science and Technology, there are representatives of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences; Department of Science and Technology of economic and technical branches; Department of Locality Science and Technology Development; Representatives from the Offices of the National Target Programs.

Representatives from the central and local levels were Prof. Nguyen Quang Kim - Rector of Hanoi Water Resources University; Representatives of Irrigation Associations, Vietnam Large Dams and Water Resources Development Association, the Vietnam Association of Irrigation and Drainage; Vietnam Geo-Hydrological Society; Representative of Vietnam Agriculture Newspaper; Vietnam Science and Technology Magazine and press agencies; Experts, scientists, and managers who have lot of collaborations with VAWR in and outside the sector.


Prof. Tran Dinh Hoa - Deputy Secretary General of the VAWR Party Committee - Deputy Director of the VAWR announced reasons and introduced delegates

Attendants from VAWR were Asso-Pro. Dr. Nguyen Vu Viet - Secretary of the VAWR Party Committee – Director General; Prof. Dr. Tran Dinh Hoa - Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee - Deputy Director General; Asso-Pro. Dr. Nguyen Tung Phong - Deputy Director General; Professors, Assoc. Professors, who were former leaders of the VAWR, leading scientists in the field of water resources; Leaders of units under the Academy; Representatives of departments and centers; Staff with Doctor of or higher qualification.

Asso-Prof. Dr. Nguyen Vu Viet - Secretary of the VAWR Party Committee – Director Generalpresented the 2017 report on the task of the Academy and the 2018 mission and direction. Accordingly, 2017 was the continuous year of successfully accomplished the proposed comprehensive plan in all aspects with some targets exceeded the plan, the number of high scientific level staff have been increased, the number of scientific research tasks, technology transfer work, construction consulting services, training, international cooperation, material facilities improvement in 2017 was very large, which could be the largest ever. The Academy development is stable; disbursement of funds is assured, stable structure, the staffing has been paid with great attention, contributing practical efficiency for the sector. Some outstanding results can be mentioned as following:

About scientific research and technology transfer: In 2017, the Academy implemented 148 scientific and technological assignments at all levels, including 42 assignments of national level; 25 assignments of ministry-level, including 2 key subjects; 03 environmental tasks, 45 regular research tasks, 13 research assignments  of provincial and city level, 8 standards and norms development; 2 basic investigation and research projects, 4 water quality monitoring tasks in the irrigation systems, 6 assignments of water resources forecasting for the five areas in Mekong River deltas and the Luy - La Nga river basin.

The science and technology planning in 2017 of the Academy had remarkable progress, closely followed and prioritized tasks as directed by the Party and State leaders focussing the urge problems of reality and with the approach of task group to solve a issue in a holistic, uniform manner in a series, actively access to key national scientific programs such as KC08, KC09, Central Highland, North-west provinces, Climate change, science and technology programs serving new rural development, and so on. VAWR focussed closely to the needs of local development, of enterprises. The Academy had also an approach that addressed and solved the shortcomings of the previous studies, from the bottom up (from the basis researches of Academy), from seminars and grasping the rules of supply vs demand ...

With the advantage of mastering many science and technology products, in the past year, many products and research results of the Academy have been transferred to production through contract for construction consultancy, equipment installation, such as: barge dam technology, applied for Cai Lon, Cai Be culverts (the largest gate aperture in Asia), flood protection works for Ho Chi Minh City, large culverts in Sai Gon river left bank project, structures of WB9 project, salinity blocking barrage of Hieu River (Quang Tri), salinity blocking barrage of Tra Bong river (Quang Ngai); Hydraulic and hydrological model for Dinh river, drainage model of Phan Rang - Thap Cham city and early warning system of Dinh river basin, Ninh Thuan province, SCADA technology for Dau Tieng - Phuoc Hoa irrigation system; Hydraulic and hydrological model for Rao Cai river and drainage model for Ha Tinh city; Jet-grouting technology application for road foundation treatment of the south-east boundary of Hai An district- Hai Phong; high capacity pumps Oп6-145 (36000 m3/h) installed at the pumping station of the North Nam Ha irrigation system; Deep suction pumps installed at Ninh Thuan experimental site and Nam Theun I hydropower plant in Lao PDR; Automatic garbage collection system for Yen Nghia pump station (Hanoi), soft wall for wave reduction technology to buildup sediment for mangrow zone for coastal protection in the Mekong Delta ... The non-constructive solutions were also transferred into practice such as field level institutional irrigation management models, participatory irrigation management (PIM) models in WB6, WB7, ADB8 projects.

In the technology transfer aspect, the Academy has also approached and mastered new methods and tools (TELEMAC software package) in the proposed project for integrated flood control in Dong Nai river basin funded by French Development Assistant Fund; Directly through the Japanese companies: FRICS on Disaster Management Information Technology, Biospring Company on technology package (irrigation and biotechnology) to save water and improve grape quality in Ninh Thuan

According to the records registed from previous years, in 2017, the Academy was granted 03 patent protection (02 of the Institute of Hydraulics and 01 of the Center for Irrigation Software). In 2017, 20 scientific and technological products of the Institute have been approved by the National Office of Intellectual Property or pending publication and appraisal of documents, including 10 of Hydraulic Institutes, 4 of National Key Laboratory, 3 of Institute of Ecology and Works Protection, etc.

Regarding economic contracts, the Academy has implemented a variety of economic contracts (surveys, feasibility study reports, construction detailed drawings, total cost estimates, monitoring, evaluation, environment impact assessment, construction of unit price norms, material testing, physical model testing, running specialized computation programs, equipment supply, copyright, etc.) from various sources of fund such as national budget, ODA projects (WB, ADB, JICA, BTC ...), technical projects funded by oversea countries, NGOs, enterprises ...

In 2017, although the public expenditure fund was tightened by the State, the units under VAWR reached the lower expenditure target as set by the internal expenditure rules. Total revenue from contracts in 2017 reached VND 439 billion, including the revenue of many contracts implemented from previous years.

Regarding international cooperation, the Academy continues to cooperate with the Federal Republic of Germany on the postgraduate training under the TERMA program and with JICA in a comprehensive way in the fields of activities of the Academy. The Academy continues to cooperate with the Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre (ADPC) on capacity buiding training, application of Google Earth Engine, extreme drought computation ... and maintaining as a member of many networks, centers and associations and prestigious international organizations such as INWEP, CNRD, BORDA ...

The Academy has welcomed and worked with dozens of delegations, international experts. Many officials of the Academy participated in study tours and international conferences to share experiences and seek cooperation opportunities (proposing research collaborative projects), organizing seminars ... signing cooperation memorandums...

On the other hand, the Academy and its sub-institutes have held many profestional seminars, in which the Academy together with the partner from Germany organized an international conference on water resources security in the context of climate change, with the Australia embassy organized a workshop to share experience in irrigation service price in the context of implementation of the Water Law.

Regarding the financial work, according to Decree 54 of the Government, with the autonomy and self-responsibility of public service delivery units, the Academy is gradually implementing the plan of self-control under the Circular No. 90 of the Ministry of Finance which the units will self-guarantee part of the regular expenditure. Up to 31th December 2017, the total revenue of the Academy was 630 billion VND, of which 191 billion VND was from science and technology tasks (covered 30%).

Some other tasks such as organization, staffing; administration and management of construction investment, information and propaganda about science and technology; The Youth Union and the Trade Union were always paid attention by the Academy. The Academy application of the Government Decree No 40 on attracting and employing talents , by MARD decision, 34 staffs have been specially promoted from researcher to senior researcher and 23 professors, associate professors from senior researcher to high level researcher, bringing the total number of academic staffs is 27 high level researchers and 14 staffs were promoted to high level researchers through the exam for promotion of professional titles; The Academy is continuing to implement the Green growth project (starting construction of the items of the package, continuing to implement the Ninh Giang Experimental Area, preparing administration work for the laboratory construction in Ho Chi Minh City) and starting the construction of the experimental area in Hoa Lac ...

In addition to the results achieved, the report also frankly acknowledged the shortcomings in 2017, opportunities and challenges in 2018 from. From which, the focal tasks will be:

1. To concentrate efforts on directing the implementation of Resolution No. 19 of the 6th congress of the Central Party Committee on continuing the renovation of the organizational and management system, raising the quality and efficiency of public non-business units.

2. To concentrate on well implementing the already approved studies/projects. The products of the project must be directed towards practical application.

3. Reviewing, updating new issued legal documents, adjusting and supplementing specific guidance to serve the direction and administration of implementation in the whole Academy;

4. To promote the development of human resources according to the already-promulgated project, focussing to the development of high-level scientific cadres, aiming to have enough leading cadres for each specialized domain of the Academy.

5. To focus on mastering and applying key technologies and technological packages: Irrigation; Natural disaster prevention and mitigation; Policy mechanisms.

6. To concentrate on directing the projects’implementation on schedule, ensuring the quality of the already started projects. To accelerate the project of renovating and upgrading the working offices of the Academy and its subordinate units (including the meetinghall in ground floor of the main Academyoffice)in the North.

7. To formulate framework, content and roadmap for short-term training, management organization at Hoa Lac Research and Training centre.

8. To manage and efficiently exploit the properties assigned by the State.

9. Step by step implementing the activities towards the 60th anniversary of the Academy establishment.


Subsequently, delegates listioned the Trade Union Report of Academy in 2017 presented by Asso Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tung Phong - Deputy Director general - President of Trade Union of Academy and the 2017 report of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of Academy presented by Mr. Ngo Canh Tung - Secretary.

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