Annual Conference 2017 of the Vietnam Academy for Water Resources
Create date: 01/19/18
In the morning of 18/1/2018 in Hanoi, the Vietnam Academy for Water Resources held the Annual Conference 2017 to disseminate the Academy’s research results in 2017, introduce major research direction in the future, and strengthen cooperation in the exchange of scientific information between managers and scientists of the Academy and other institutions for the improvement of the quality and practicality of scientific and technological products of

The Conference was attended by Prof.Dr. Pham Hong Giang-former Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development-Chairman of the Vietnam Committee of Large Dams and Water Resource Development; Prof.Dr. Nguyen Tuan Anh-former Director of the Vietnam Institute for Water Resources- Chairman of the new rural construction program. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development was represented by A/Prof. Dr. Vu Dinh Thanh-Deputy Director of the Department of Science, Technology and Environment, and officials of other directorates and departments. Ms. Tran Hong Lan-Deputy Director of the Department of Technology Development and Application, and officials of other departments and program offices of the Ministry of Science and Technology were invited to the Conference. Representatives of the Hanoi University of Water Resources, the Institute of Water Resource Planning, HEC1, North Hung Hai Irrigation Management Company (IMC), North Nam Ha IMC; the Association of Water Resources, the Vietnam Committee of Large Dams and Water Resource Development, the Vietnam Committee of Irrigation and Drainage, the Vietnam Association of Hydrogeology; and scientists of the Academy and other institutions such as Prof.Dr. Luong Phuong Hau, Prof.Dr. Le Manh Hung..., were attending the Conference.

A/ Prof.Dr. Nguyen Vu Viet-General Director of the Academy, Prof.Dr. Tran Dinh Hoa- Deputy General Director of the Academy, leaders of the Academy’s units, PhD degree-held staff and PhD candidates of the Academywere present at the Conference.

Science and technology is the foundation for the development of the Academy, succeeding the achievements of previous years. In 2017, alignment to the advocated policy of the Government, the focal missions of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and local agencies, the objectives, contents and requirements of key science and technology programs, the project of agricultural and rural development restructure, and water resource reorganization, the project of irrigation efficiency improvement, and the Academy’sdevelopment strategy, along with the efforts of its entire staff, thescientific activities of the Academyhas won comprehensive achievements in all aspects. Many of our scientific and technological products has contributed to the leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and applied in practice. The Academy's research has been defined into task groups to find solutions to big issues, and to the country's key focus. In connection to that, the Academyhas always self-pushed forward to capture and approach advanced technologies in its fields to recommend and develop the research task for practical application and transfer.

A/ Prof.Dr. Nguyen Vu Viet - General Director of the Academy, addressed at the workshop that the Conference was the Academy’sannual scientific activities and one of the events from 18 - 19/1/2018 which included annual scientific conference and review meeting of the Academy. The General Director encouraged managers, scientists and participants to contribute their comments so the Academycould learn experiences in the management of science and technology, and also propose bigger issues for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and the Ministry of Science and Technology.

A number of research reports were presented at the Conference, including the Mekong River Delta; reservoir operation in emergency situations and effective flood management by comprehensive disaster information management systems; issues in the studies of mitigation of natural disaster impacts, artificial hazards and climate change in the Red – Thai Binh River system; causes and solutions to minimize erosion and sedimentation in the Central coastal areas; tools of drought prediction, monitoring and management for agricultural production in South-Central and Central Highlands; scientific and technological products in the industrial revolution 4.0 for agriculture and rural development.

Many managers and leading scientists shared their comments and discussions at the Conference, for example, Prof.Dr. Pham Hong Giang made a deeper analysis of the issues of the irrigation sector in the Mekong Delta and recommended research ideas for scientists of the Academy and the agricultural sector.

A/ Prof.Dr. Dinh Vu Thanh-Deputy Director of Science, Technology and Environment Department suggested that the Academy’s scientific research results should be applied in the production and the production demands should be sent to the Academy. These orders could be from the Government, ministries, enterprises or local agencies. The Academy’s scientists should refer to the practical situations in order to adjust their research accordingly. They should develop orientation for basic research and advanced studies in the coming years, and appropriate mechanisms need to be established. More intensively scientific and academic seminars need to be organized by the Academy’s units. Training of young scientists is specially important and necessary in the scientific and technological activities, said Dr Thanh.

Prof.Dr.Le Manh Hung, an Academy’sformer leader and former General Deputy Director of the Water Resource Directorate, praised the scientific and technological achievements in the past years, and confirmed that the Academy's reputation was increasingly accredited to the Government, ministries and local agencies.

"The Academy’sscientific and technological achievements are not only reflected in the 40 Government-level projects and a number of ministerial ones, but also manifests itself in the project quality”,saidProf.Dr. Le Manh Hung. These projects presented many new issues with updated information and technological revolution 4.0. The projects provided the prediction of saline intrusion, water resource reserves, alluvium from upstream to the Government and ministries.

Dr Hung suggested the Academy’sBoard of Directors to organize regional conferences to capture local issues of concern. Scientists of the Academy and other institutionsneed to work together for the recommendations to the Government and ministries.

According to Prof.Dr. Tran Dinh Hoa - the Academy’s GeneralDeputy Director who chaired the Conference, the Conference was an opportunity to review the Academy’srecent scientific and technological activities, and also to identify the challenges and practical issues in hydraulic technology in the future.

Dr. Hoa confirmed the importance and significance of the Academy’sannual scientific conference in the comprehensive scientific and technological research in water resources in the country, and the opportunity for research motivation, orientation and innovation of the scientists, especially young scientists.

In the coming time, the Academywill organize more intensive seminars to introduce the results of studies, focusing in technical issues, said Dr Hoa.

In the concluding session, on behalf of the Conference organizers, Dr Hoa appreciated the participation and contribution of the speakers, delegates, managers and scientists with thoughtful comments, and the Academyacknowledged these opinions.

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