Application of the 4th industrial revolution (4th IR) in irrigation sector
Create date: 04/02/18
On 30/3/2018, at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), the Directorate of Water Resources (DWR) in collaboration with the Vietnam Academy for Water Resources (VAWR) and the Hanoi Water Resources University (HWRU)held a seminar on " Application of 4th industrial revolution in irrigation sector”.

According to the DWR, in order to actively approachthe opportunity and introduce practical solutions, to take maximum advantages of the 4.0 revolution in irrigation, the DWRhas been effectively implemented a series of activities such as building the irrigation sector database, investing in the construction of the management and operation system of the irrigation system, crop irrigationmonitoring, applying controllablewater saving technology for upland crops ... in which focus on coordination and close cooperation with national and international agencies, organizations and individuals.

According to the representative of the DWR, although the application of 4th IR was initially effective, But there are many challenges such as lack of qualified human resources for its implementation, insufficient or degraded irrigation infrastructures. Thus, In order to promote the 4th IR application in the field of irrigation, the DWR has coordinated with the VAWR and HWRUto organize a workshop to help participants aware of the 4thIR; itsimpact on the irrigation sector; discussion the direction, roadmap of the irrigation sector in the coming time effectively and sustainably.

Attending the workshop were Mr. Nguyen Van Tinh - Director General of DWR - Chairman of the workshop, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Vu Viet - Director of VAWR, Assoc. Nguyen Trung Viet - Vice Rector of HWRU; Representatives from Diretorates,  DWR, Departments, CPO, Institutions, IMC, HEC under the MARD. There were alsothe representatives fromthe Ministry of Science and Technology; Representatives from Agriculture and Rural Development Departments of Bac Ninh, Ha Nam, Hung Yen, Hai Duong and representatives of provincial Irrigation Departments; Representatives of managers, experts, scientists. Representatives from VAWR were Dr. Nguyen Tung Phong - Deputy Director General and representatives from sub-units of VAWR.

At the workshop, the presentersdelivered speeches focused on the 4thIRapplication; the status and solutions of 4thIRapplication in the  irrigation management; human resources training for development, 4thIRapplication; Information infrastructure for the 4thIR in the irrigation sector.

Speaking at the conference, on behalf of the VAWR, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hiep - Director of Irrigation Software Technology Center, said that in the lasttime, following trench of the world in application of 4thIRapplication and the direction of the Government, Ministry, many fields of science and technology of VAWR has been approaching research, application, transfer technology into practical production of the sector.Some areas have reached advanced level of the world as software application forirrigation; for water resources management, irrigation and drainage; river training, coastal protection, flood control; dam safety and disaster prevention; Applying BIM technology in irrigation engineering design. However, the results of applications are not as expected, the level of technology should be continuosly improved if we do not to bebehind the world.So, according to him there should be theneeds to invest, upgrade equipment, infrastructure, promote more application ofscience and technology, information technology in forecasting flood, drought, salinity, dam safety, irrigation management, ...; The development of human resources for high-quality technology application, intensive training of human resources and skills in the application of technologies should be priotized in order to promote the approach and access to the scientific and advanced technologies.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Vu Viet, Director of VAWR, Co-Chairman of the workshop,highly appreciated the presentations during the workshop as well as appreciated the opinions of delegates attending the workshop. According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Vu Viet, for the 4th IR to come into practice, there are many issues that need to be addressed, including economic cost and human resources, so the irrigation sector needs to find motivation for these changes and hopefully, with the directionof the Goverment, the DWR, Science and Technology of 4thIR will gradually be applied in the field of irrigation.

In closing of theworkshop, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Tinh, Director General of the Directorate of Water Resources, said that the 4th industrial Revolution hasits impact everyday, every hour on all aspects, all sectorsincluding irrigation. Therefore, the irrigation sector has to take action and change its perception. The Director General also asked the Department of Science, Technology and Cooperationto prepareconcrete, practical, feasible and sustainable plans. It is expected that in the coming time, DWR will receive the attention and support of agencies and scientists in the scientific and technological application of the 4th IndustrialRevolution in the field of irrigation.

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