Review conference for half year and plan for the remaining 6 months 2018
Create date: 07/13/18
On July 12, 2018, the Vietnam Academy of Water Resources (VAWR) held a conference to review the activities of the first 6 months and plan for the last 6 months of 2018.

The conference was held online with 03 points, namely, VAWR head office, Southern Institute of Water Resources Research and Institute for Water Resources Research for Central and Highlands.

Attending the conference, there were members of Academy Communist party committee - Board of Directors; leaders of Advisor Boards, representatives of directors of sub-institutions of VAWR, Director and heads of sub-units of the Institute for Water Resources Research for Central and Highlands, Southern Institute of Water Resources Research, Institute of Coastal Engineering; representatives of VAWR Trade Union and Youth Union.

At the meeting, participants listened to the representatives of the Advisory boards presenting the first 06 months’ report and plan for the last 6 months of 2018 on scientific and technological activities, administrative and financial affairs.

Accordingly, in the first 6 months, it was in the period of the implementation of the Resolution No. 19-NQ / TW dated 25/10/2017, plan 463 and Resolution No. 465 of MARD for implementation of the Resolution No. 19 of Communist Party Central Executive Committee the VAWR has provided the direction and guidance on evaluation of the organizational structure reformation, streamlining the gov-paid staff, renewing the mechanism, improving the operation efficiency of the sub-units. Based on that, the Academy has completed the plan to improve the organizational structure, streamline the gov-paid staff, renovate the mechanism, improve the efficiency of the Academy and have submitted to the MARD for approval.

The Academy also issued and supplemented a number of regulations and guidelines for the management and administration such as guideline for procedures and dossiers for the appointment of leaders and managers of Academy sub-units, amending the regulation salary increase before maturity for the staff in Advisory sub-units, guideline for the emulation and reward regulations. In addition, planning, appointment, re-appointment of staff, training and development of human resources of high quality continue to be a great concern.

VAWR carried out a large number of scientific assignments with a total of 125 tasks at all levels, of which four research projects were accepted including one achieved excellent acceptance. The Academy has actively participated and made important contributions to science and technology on important issues of the sector under the leadership of the Ministry such as the problems of the Mekong Delta, calculating the flood scenarios for natural disaster prevention, for drought and salinity intrusion forecast for agriculture production. Clusters of scientific and technological tasks of the Academy such as groundwater, the erosion of coastal line of Mekong delta, Red river research... are continuing to implement on schedule. The Academy has been focusing on study and proposing solutions for effective management and use of water resources in a number of key economic areas, especially the hotspots of drought and salinity intrusion. Practical application of remote sensing technology, WEBGIS and automation for the management and use of water resources (in dry season) in real time to response to the climate change (applied in Ha Tinh province), propose solutions for Transformation of production structure due to changes of water source in upstream and climate change in the Mekong Delta, technological solutions for rational exploitation of water resources in service of drought prevention and security of water resources in the coastal line of South central region, solutions to improve the ability of storage and exploitation for effective surface water resources for sustainable economic development in the Central Highlands ...

In addition, the results of scientific research continue to be transferred into production through bidding packages, construction investment projects such as underground dam – water collecting channel technology transferred in Phu Qui Island (Binh Thuan province). ), SCADA technology for early warning forecasting in the Dinh River (Ninh Thuan), river barrage technology by mobile barge dam technology as salinity blocking dams in Hieu River (in Quang Tri and in some construction investment projects for irrigation systems in some sub-areas of Ca Mau province), etc. Continue to apply tools for salinity intrusion and water sources forecast and develop water use plans; to monitor water quality in large irrigation systems to serve water management for agricultural production in Mekong Delta, in Red River Delta, the Vu Gia - Thu Bon river basins, Luy - La Nga river basin, Vam Co river basins, to apply the models of water management/participatory irrigation management in ODA, AFD projects; to participate into big inter-reservoir management computation such as Hoa Binh - Son La - Lai Chau - Tuyen Quang-Thac Ba. Especially, VAWR initially cooperated with enterprises to transfer and distribute scientific and technological products, such as the Centre for Water Resources Software has cooperated with Viettel Group to set up distribution channel of science and technology products.

The products of some projects accepted in the first half of the year have great potential for practical application, such as the Research project for General Study for dam to response to the situation of lowering the water level to ensure water resources security for the Red River Delta, 02 projects of underground water, Ministerial level research projects for salinity intrusion forecast to serve water management and operation and management of water supply systems in the Red river delta…

The economic contracts of the Academy in the first 6 months are diversified and come from various sources such as the state budget through PMUs, ministries, local provinces, ODA projects, technical assistant projects funded by foreign budget such as the Belgium Development Agency (the packages signed with Ninh Thuan PMU), PMU of Technical Support Unit project - Ministry of Planning and Investment) ... In the first six months of the year 2018, VAWR had 131 new contracts, compared with 122 contracts in the first 6 months of 2017.

The Academy has successfully organized the training course: skills in writing scientific articles and articles published in international magazines with more than 170 participants; In addition to the articles published in the magazine of the Academy, there are also many other articles published in other journals. Besides, many articles were published in the international conferences’ document. Particularly, one article was published on ISI; Continue to exploit electronic library.

The information, propaganda and promotion of science and technology activities of the Academy is increasingly professional as reporting, presentation at conferences, exhibitions such as conference on water saving at MARD, international conference with Japan on management and exploitation of irrigation works, Participation in seminars and interviews on VTV1 on natural disaster, flash floods and river and coastal erosion (National Key Laboratory of River and Coastal Engineering) ...

In the first 06 months of the year, the Academy had 01 licensed patent, 01 utility solution is recognized, 04 useful solutions were announced valid in application, and 01 patent application was received.

Regarding the financial work, the Academy has developed the plan of financial autonomy, the plan of using assets and participate in building the project of strengthening the organizational apparatus; To carry out disbursement and settlement for State-level research projects, projects and contracts coordinated by the Academy; training on software of national asset.

Subsequently, the conference focused on discussing and resolving shortcomings in the first 6 months of 2018 and proposed some tasks and orientations for the next 6 months of 2018 and following years.

The VAWR Party Committee Secretary – Director General, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Vu Viet had the speech at the conference

For the conclusion of the conference, on behalf of the Party Committee - Board of Directors, Secretary of the Communist Party Committee – Dr. Nguyen Vu Viet highly appreciated the achievements in the first six months of the year and praised the endeavors of all the members of Academy leadership, leaders of sub-units and all staffs of the Academy. Particularly, He also highly appreciated the Deputy Directors General of VAWR in management of each assigned field.

"The Academy continues to be considered as a major contributor to MARD's major issues such as the Resolution 120, major issues in the Red River Delta, Mekong Delta, Cai Lon - Cai Be sluices" , said the Director.

Regarding the plan for the 06 month year-end, the Directorsuggested that the sub-unitsshould continue to complete the Proposal offinancial autonomy, the Proposal for improving the efficiency of units; strengthening joint ventures; to build a technology package for their own units; continue to actively follow the yearly plan and five year plan set out to implement the plan for the last 6 months; Strictly implement the work of human resource development.

 VAWR Director also suggested that the Academy's leaders were assigned to be in charge of the sub-units together with the Advisory Boards to work with the sub-units to complete the Proposals prior to the official approval and completion of the plan for last 6 months of the year.

Regarding the 10th anniversary of some sub-units, the Director requested that the celebrations should be organized with spirit of saving funds, meaningful events, to honor the scientists and the contribution of the sub-units to the development of VAWR and MARD.

Finally, the Director General wishes all sub-units to successfully implement the plan by the end of 2018 and set out the long-term plan for 2020-2021.

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