Training on scientific journal writing skills and publication in International Journals
Create date: 04/10/18
On April, 9th, in Hanoi, Vietnam Academy of Water Resources held a training workshop on scientific journal writing skills and how to publish them in international Journals.

The attendants of the training workshop were: Assoc. Nguyen Vu Viet - Director General of VAWR - Chief Editor of Journal of Irrigation Science and Technology, Prof. Dr. Tran Dinh Hoa - Deputy Director General of the VAWR - Deputy Chief Editor of the Journal of Water resources Science and Technology and 120 head and scientific researchers form sub-institutes and units under VAWR.

The workshop was held online at 03 venues; VAWR, Southern Institute for Water Resources Research and Central Vietnam Institute for Water Resources.


The purpose of the workshop is to systemize the writing skills and presentation of a scientific article to scientists, authors, especially young researchers, to improve the capacity of writing articles for the Journal of the VAWR, national magazines and then can approach and publish articles in international journals; That will contribute to the realization of objectives of VAWR Development Strategy by 2020 with 20% of research subjects to be published in international journals and 30% by 2030.


Opening speech, Assoc. Nguyen Vu Viet said that there have been many articles published in national magazines, but only 9-10 articles were published in international journals. The assessment of scientific research organizations and individuals will base on many criteria, including criteria for writing articles in general. And writing and publishing articles in international journals is one of the key criteria.

On the other hand, in the regulations of the VAWR, among the criteria for units and individuals annual evaluation, criterion for having article(s) published in International publications is highly rated by VAWR and the authors will be awarded and honored.

The Director hopes that through the training, the leaders of the institutes/units under the VAWR will encourage their staffs, especially the individuals who have been participating in the research projects to write the scientific articles. Typically, the research project at national level should be registered with an article to be published in an international journal/magazine.

Finally, the Director wished the lecturer and all participants at 3 venues obtaining the good knowledge and experiences through this online training workshop.


At the training workshop, Assoc Prof. Dr. Dao Thi Ai Thi - Senior Lecturer - Vice Rector of School of Science and Technology Management shared her experience on the international article writing skills such as the need for international publication, methodology, the components of an international article, writing skills, thesis, demonstration, argument...

Dr. Do Hoai Nam – Institute of Hydraulic Structures and Dr. Ha Hai Duong - IWE shared experiences in writing scientific articles and articles published in international journals


Prof. Dr. Tran Dinh Hoa, Deputy Director General of the VAWR, said the workshop was an academic event for the publication of international articles and scientific papers. The comrades need to go step by step, patiently and persistently, gradually approaching from publishing articles through national seminars, national prestigious magazines to prestigious international journals.

The Vietnam Academy of Water Resources will always support the staff in the national and international publications. In the coming time, the VAWR will work with other units to continue the next training workshops with the expectation that, in the near future, the VAWR will become the organization which has many good articles being nationally and internationally published.

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