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Measures to mobilize the private sector to invest in the construction, management and exploitation of rural water supply facilities

Prof. Loi, Doan The

Human resources and its development is an important factor deciding the development of the nation, existence of all organizations and enterprises. In stage of knowledge economy, human resource quality is considered as the decision factor with prosperousness of every nation. The development and improvement of human resources are both current affairs and strategic goals through process of social economic development of all nations.

The Agricultural sector has been managing ten thousands of irrigation systems both in term of small and large scale for agricultural production, livelihood, social economics and contribution in environmental protection. It is very difficult to estimate the money value of the existing irrigation and drainage systems which are invested and constructed by state and people for hundreds of years, but it is a hug amount and it is estimated about billions of USD. To manage and use well the current irrigation system, the quality of the human resources plays a very vital role. Thus, quantity and quality of human resources in O&M management currently exists many insufficient issues, large in quantity but low in quantification, high amount but weakness causing serious imbalance in qualification structure, profession and experience… Human resources of almost of the O&M entities doesn’t satisfy the requirement regulated. This paper will assess the status and suggest solutions on human resources development and capacity building for organizations and person participating in O&M management in current period.


Determine the effects of flooding, lateral constriction to the ability to discharge through the piano weir by experimental research

Assoc.Prof. Nghi, Le Van, MSc. Yen, Doan Thi Minh

Piano Key Weir is more interests, studied, applied on the world and in Viet nam. Its hydraulic performances as discharge capacity, flow condition has non-aerated, work range (submerged, free flow)… has problems weren’t clearly, still being interesting of the scientists and consultants. The acticle presents the results of empirical research to specify appear range and influence on submerged conditions, influence of the transverse shrinking that was caused by the walls to discharge capacity on PKW configuration A, prototype was Piano Key Weir - Ngan Truoi (PA3) spillway,  Ha Tinh province. 


Study the effectiveness of sand dredging combined with adjusting the river bed to stabilize the river section

MSc. Cuong, Ho Viet

The contributory river segment is a creek where orcurring the hydraulic flow regime and complex morphological change. They always have a dispute with each others to the trend of deposition or degradation depending on the water flow and sediment classified process. This is also the area that has a lot of natural sand mines that caused sand mining activities. Effects of sand mining can completely change the flow of hydraulic regime and morphology of the river section. However, not all sand mining activities have left a bad result, if the dredging sand mining are implemented properly and in accordance with planning and techniques that will improve flood drainage capacity and maintain stability of river bed. This article would introduce some research results of this issue


Community-based management model for exploitation and prevention of disaster risk in small reservoirs in Central Vietnam

MSc. Kien, Nguyen Van, MSc. Thinh, Nguyen Xuan

Assoc.Prof. Tuan, Doan Doan, MSc. Loi, Nguyen Van

At present, many small scale irrigation reservoirs are facing dam safety risks which will threaten lives and livelihood of local people, especially in Central region where a large number  of small scale irrigation reservoirs are built in the and the region is most prone to natural disasters as flood and storm.  This article will analyze the difficulties and   problems of existing community based reservoir management organization models as a basis for the suggestion of reservoir management organization solutions suitable to these localities. The solutions are among outputs of assignment “Development of community based model for natural disaster risk prevention, control and mitigation and adaptations to climate change.


Research on the water source propagation in the tidal channel (in case of changes in channel length)

MSc. Vuong, Nguyen Dinh

This paper presents result of water sources component theory application combining with the computing tool as MIKE11 to model the transport of interested water source components (pollution water, aquaculture disease water, etc.) in the coastal canal network affected by tide regime having considered the case of change in the length of branch channel that contain the interesting water sources component (WSC). The result showed that the reduction process of WSC belongs to the channel length of containing the interesting WSC. In short, the longer branch canals length, the slower reduction process of interesting WSC, especially the end segment of channel. Therefore, there are the scientific arguments for the arrangement of design and planning on the water supply channel network to the aquaculture of coastal region.


Study on multi-purpose additives - active minerals - polymer to improve the waterproofing of gravity compacting concrete gravel

MSc, Binh, Nguyen Quang

The improvement of waterproofing for roller compacted concrete (RCC) is a critical requirement for the completely RCC dam. This paper presents the results of studies combining high superplasticizer and slow settings, active mineral and polymer materials to reduce a ratio of water/binder, concrete structural changes to improve waterproofing RCC.


Results of the study on the efficiency of water distribution in the field in the Northern Nghe An irrigation system

MSc, Tuyen, Dang Minh, Assoc.Prof. Trung, Tran Chi, Eng. Dung, Nguyen Le

Improving water delivery efficiency in on-farm system is an important measure to improve irrigation performance of the irrigation system, since on-farm water delivery efficiency affects considrtarbly to irrigation performance of the irrigation system. On-farm water delivery efficiency is assessed using 3 indicators: equity, reliancy and adequacy. This paper introduces the results determining these three indicators to assess on-farm water delivery efficiency in Bac Nghe An irrigation system.


Analysis of the overall stability of the rock breakwater considering the water pressure in the ground

Eng. Duong, Nguyen Tien, Assoc.Prof. Tuan, Thieu Quang

The paper presents a method taking into account pore pressure variations in the subsoil in the overall slope stability analysis for rubble mound breakwaters. It is shown that the pore pressure variation plays an important role, comparable to the shear strength of the subsoil, in the overall stability of the structure. A case study is also present for the breakwater of  Vung Ang I thermal power plant


Develop the calculation formula for sediment transport in the Red River Delta and the riverbed morphology in the period 2009 – 2012

Assoc.Prof. Dinh, Pham, MSc. Cuong, Ho Viet

This paper presents results of settingof calculation formula of the total volume of sediment transport in the form of the Engelund and Hansen's formula in Red River, based on data from 2009 to 2012.From this formula has redefined bed river morphology relationships in this period.


Improve the potential disspasion  capacity of the tidal area with large cross-section - applicable to the case of Thu Bo sluice

Dr. Song, Pham Van


For large tidal barriers, stilling basins are designed with baffles in order to enhance energy dissipation in the stilling basin. With this type of barrier, the baffle system increases the construction costs. On the other hand, barriers with high water head and lift gate or radial gate, the flow through the gate open is an important factor causing the esosion in downstream. Therefore, the baffles have an important role for dissipation in the stilling basins of large tidal barriers.

The study uses the Flow-3D simulation tool to investigate the flow over the tidal barrier. Through the analysis of the simulation results, the classical shape of baffle (trapezoidal shape) is improved and a V-shape baffle is proposed with advantages of hydraulic energy dissipation. With the V-shape baffles, the construction costs are reduced and lower than the stilling basin with trapezoidal shape baffles. The study has been applied for Thu Bo barrier – one of the lagest barriers in the hydraulic work system in the project of  flood protection for Ho Chi Minh ciy.   


Model of flood assessment and requirement for flood discharge of Nu - Nghi Loc - Nghe An reservoir

MSc. Loi, Nguyen Van

Nowadays, in order to evaluate the risk of reservoir-dam accidents, high frequency of intensity-duration of rainfall such as 0.5%, 0.1% or PMF is usually used. A 0.5% IDF of rainfall had been analyzed and determined for Khe Nu reservoir in Nghi Loc district, Nghe An province. Catchment rainfall-runoff characteristics had been studied and determined for Khe Nu reservoir HEC-HMS model. The model results provides detailed temporal inflow, water level and overflow discharge which allows assessment of the reservoir accident risk.The results have shown that forthe upgraded Khe Nu irrigation reservoir, in the case of 1h-duration intensity rainfall of probability 0.5%, the maximal inflow reached 296.64CMS (42 minutes after the peak rainfall), large resulted spill discharge is 245.22CMS, but the reservoir water level is +19,216m, which is 0.116m greater than the normal water level at +19,1m. In order to regulate the water level equal to the normal level, the design spill discharge should be increased 1.15 times and equal to 249.34CMS (equals to 84% of maximal inflow), and is 31.34CMS greater than the design spill discharge of 218CMS at the design maximal water level (87 minutes after the peak rainfall).


Assessment of the current status of surface water resources for the water supply system of Ninh Binh province

BA. Tin, Bui Thi

Assoc.Prof. Nhu, Nguyen Thuc

Dr. Dang, Nguyen Mai

Water is a valueable resource and is not endless. In particular, face water is most vulnerable due to being exploited to serve up the daily needs and socio-economic development. Compared to the nation, Ninh Binh is now a province in the rate of economic development, infrastructure, investment, and tourism services, growth population. These impact very much on water resources in general and especially for the province's surface water resources such as local water shortage, increased salt intrusion, water quality declining ... Therefore, the assessment of surface water resources for different purposes is very important for economic development as well society in Ninh Binh province, especially for domestic and other activities. Review of literatures, evaluation and investigation, site survey have been done, then focuses making judgments about the current use of surface water resources for daily life. Finally, rational solutions for exploitation and use of surface water resources in Ninh Binh province are proposed.

13 Compare the advantages of two-stage spray with continuous spray Dr. Thang, Nguyen Ngoc, MSc. Vu, Tran

The double layer flip bucket (consisting of continuous and trapezoidal tooth) is proposing many advantage such as flow passes through continuous and trapezoidal tooth is being surplus mixed in air-water environment for which providing more efficient in energy dissipating. Hence, flow velocity and wave in downstream of spillway are being decreased causing smaller depth of scouring pool, boundary of both sides of bank erosion and quantity of strengthen and protection in downstream area with more technical- economic efficient comparing to sole continuous type. The paper is to present the advantage of double layer comparing to continuous (normal) type.






Fusegate technology and the application of dam safety in Vietnam MSc. Thang, Tran, MSc. Luan, Mai Trong

Fusegates are mechanical equivalent of fuse plug. A typical installation consist of multiple gate placed on a spillway crest. When installed, the gates approximate the shape of a labyrinth weir in which each gate represents one cycle of labyrinth. The gates are held in place by gravity. For a moderate range of reservoir levels, the water flows over the fusegates as it would over a labyrinth weir. If the reservoir level exceeds some predetermined value, the fusegate overturns by rotating about its downstream edge. Each gate it set to overturn at a progressively higher reservoir elevation. For the maximum design discharge, usually equivalent to the probably maximum flood, all of the fusegates tip and entire cress length is available to pass flow.


Science and technology information and activities




Israel's water management expertise for drought-stricken areas in Vietnam MSc. Viet, Nguyen Duc

In recent years, Vietnam has made many achievements in agricultural sector, including large contribution of the irrigation systems to supply water for crops, aquaculture, domestic water use and industrial parks. However, human economic activities, climate conditions and climate change leading to declining rainfall; therefore, there are many semi-arid and arid regions in South Central Coast and Central Highlands, such as Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan provinces. The agricultural water demand is increasing, therefore this precious resource is increasingly scarce. To address these challenges, Vietnam needs to innovate ways to manage irrigation, technology, people etc. Over the years, one country in the Middle East is Israel, which have accumulated quite a lot of experience on the field of irrigation management and agricultural market in drought arid regions, this is a good lecture for Vietnam to research on the related issues.


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