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Nghiên cứu đề xuất giải pháp khoa học và công nghệ về hạ tầng cơ sở thủy lợi phục vụ phát triển cây nho lấy lá xuất khẩu tại tỉnh Bình Thuận

MSc. Hung, Tran Thai

Assoc.Prof. Tri, Vo Khac

Prof. Sam, Le

Countrysides of the Coastal South Central Vietnam in general and at Binh Thuan province in particular have been unanimously join by Government and local people’s hands to build and develop the socio-economic, especially basis infrastructure systems. Currently, Binh Thuan people is implementing Grape leaves models for export and initial results show that this is the potential crop. However, the farmers’ production are still fragmented and non-synchronous development planning, basis infrastructure systems of irrigation have not satisfied water requierments, leading to productivity and product quality were not satisfied people's expectations as well as purchasing units. Therefore, the Research on solution proposal of science and technology of irrigation basic infrastructure for development of export grape leaves at Binh Thuan province is necessary to stabilize and improve people's lives according to the criteria of new rurality.


Tác động của dự án đê biển Vũng Tàu - Gò Công lên chế độ thủy thạch động lực khu vực cửa sông, ven biển lân cận

Dr. Hoang, Tran Ba

Dr. Khang, Nguyen Duy

Impacts of the Vung Tau-Go Cong seadyke project on hydrodynamics, sediment transport, and morphological changes in the adjacent estuaries and coastal areas are presented in this paper. Multi-scale 1D (MIKE11) and 2D (MIKE21 Coupled FM) models were established and runned for the baseline and several scenarios with the seadyke and control gates of different widths. The simulated results indicated that the seadyke will significantly effect to the hydrodynamic and sediment transport regimes in the estuaries and coastal areas behind the seadyke. Since the main source  of sediment in  the Dong Nai estuaries (including Soai Rap, Nha Be, Long Tau, and branches in between Long Tau -Thi Vai, ...) comming from the sea through the Soai Rap river both in the flood period as well as the northwest monsoon wind season, the Vung Tau - Go Cong dyke after constructed will reduce significantly the amount of sediments in those rivers. As the results, although the flow velocity was reduced, the amount of sediment deposited in these estuaries was decreased. The amount of the eroded sediments was also decreased


Nghiên cứu trong phòng cải tạo đất loại sét yếu phân bố tại đồng bằng sông Cửu Long bằng xi măng địa phương

MSc. Binh, Vu Ngoc

Prof. Dung, Nguyen Quoc

Eng. Hai, Vu Ngoc

Assoc.Prof. Toan, Do Minh

Research results clayed soft soil distribution in the provinces of An Giang, Tien Giang, Hau Giang, Bac Lieu and Ca Mau and soil organic content from 3.16 to 7.2 %, the mineral composition is common quartz, illite and Kaolinite, containing total dissolved salt concentrations from 0.35 to 3.62 % and acidity with pH = 5.6 to 7.0; Exchange capacity from 3.6 to 15.6mg/100g dry soil; with cationic ion exchange is characterized Fe 3+. Kien Giang private soft soil is peat soil chemistry, organic content is 44.28 % , pH = 4.1, in the mineral composition contains other minerals such as pyrite, gypsum and Pyrophylnit. Experimental results using soil reclamation local cement content from 250 to 400kg/m3 at 91 days of age showed in An Giang clay for uniaxial compressive strength (qu) is the biggest, while (qu) of peat soil chemistry (TBH) in Kien Giang is the smallest,.


Phân tích ảnh hưởng của khai thác cát lòng sông đến mức độ hạ thấp mực nước mùa kiệt trên sông Hồng

Assoc.Prof. Dinh, Pham

MSc. Cuong, Ho Viet

This paper analyzes the impact of sand mining in the river bed to lower the water level in the dry season on the Red River, through the analysis found: - On the Red River section from Viettri to Hung Yen and on Duong river, period (1997 ÷ 2012), the volume of sand mining and the annual average at least 12.4 million m3. If the total (including the volume of sand due to downstream erosion) sand volume taken away from the river bed each year on average approximately 16.2 million m3. - The water level in the dry season period (2009 ÷ 2012) was lower than the water level in the dry season period (1993÷1997), at Sontay with the discharge 2750 m3/s, water level lower than 2,27m, at Hanoi with the discharge 1497m3/s, water level lower than 1,80m and at Thuongcat with same discharge 1253m3/s  water level lower than 4,46m. - Sand mining affects water levels: time (2009 ÷ 2012) in Sontay 5,44m level with the water level in Hanoi 2,21m (≈ designed irrigation water level) discharge at Sontay is 2750m3/s; but the period (1993÷ 1997) discharge through Sontay just 1063m3/s.


Điều kiện hình thành, chuyển hóa các trạng thái dòng chảy ở hạ lưu công trình dạng bậc thụt có góc hất lớn

Assoc.Prof. Nghi, Le Van

MSc. Yen, Doan Thi Minh

MSc. Huy, Nguyen Quoc

The flow modes in discharge construction downstream are rather high and always translate from this one to other togetther. In tradition researchs about hydraulic construction mentioned much about freedom flow and bottom flow. However between that two type, the surface flow is less applied in fact. The article presents result of study about condition, area, formation rule, translation flow types in discharge construction downstream has high step curve structure and high angle (250≤q<550) with document addition about trandition surface flow energy dissipation to used in energy dissipation design in construction downstream to has energy dissipation effective and reduced expense  constructions.


Ứng dụng lý thuyết thành phần nguồn nước để tính toán lan truyền ô nhiễm trong kênh dẫn vùng triều xét với các trường hợp khoảng cách kênh nhánh so với biển MSc. Vuong, Nguyen Dinh

This paper presents result of water sources component theory application combining with the computing tool as MIKE11 to modeling the transport of pollution water component (PWC) in canals in tide region. The computation example was considered cases of position/ distance of branch canals (Xk) comparing with the Sea. The result showed that the reduction process of PWC belongs to the difference distance of the branch canals comparing with the Sea and having considered the role of tide amplitude for the East Sea and West Sea. The canal is more near the sea (Xk small) the reduction process of PWC is quicker comparing with the branch canal remote the sea.


Biến động mặt cắt ngang bãi biển tại Hải Hậu theo một số thời kỳ và theo chế độ mùa

MSc. Ha, Doan Tien

Assoc.Prof. Bon, Truong Van

Eng. Dan, Mac Van

Dr. Thai, Tran Hong

This paper presents the results of the analysis of beach profile data measured at Hai Hau beach based on measurement data periods 1985-1990, 1990-1995 and 2005-2010. The analytical results and statistics will give the characteristic equation format, balance beach profile and beach changes in extreme weather conditions.


Phương pháp thiết kế thành phần cấp phối bê tông Asphalt gia cố mái đê biển trong điều kiện Việt Nam Dr. Bang, Nguyen Thanh

This paper presents method of ditermination and the results of laboratory research on asphalt concrete ratio of mixture composition for sea dike revetment in Vietnam condition, to provide a basis for the development and application of this material in the construction site.


Nghiên cứu lan truyền chất ô nhiễm trên mô hình toán hai chiều vùng biển Đồ Sơn - Hải Phòng

MSc. Cuong, Ho Viet

MSc. Linh, Nguyen Manh

This paper presents the research results, calculate water quality Do Son - Hai Phong on two-dimensional mathematical model in a number of different scenarios on the season, wind and waves.


Chế độ vận chuyển bùn cát ven biển bên ngoài các cửa sông Mekong và Đồng Nai

Dr. Khang, Nguyen Duy

Dr. Hoang, Tran Ba

This paper presents the results of the study on sediment transport regime in coastal area off Mekong and Dong Nai river system estuaries. MIKE modelling family (1D and 2D) was used for the multi-scale (from regional to local scale) models. This research forcus on the fine sediment fraction transport in the coastal area rather than in the estuaries. The model simulation results confirm that the deposition process of fine sediment is dominant in the southwest monsoon period. In contrast, the disposited sediment in southwest monsoon is resuspended by strong wave action in the northeast monsoon period and transported southward by the nearshore current. This is the direction of net sediment transport in the area. It can be supposed that the model simulation results in this research are reasonable and can be used as the input for further local studies.
11 Nghiên cứu đề xuất các tham số của công trình giảm sóng, gây bồi đối với khu vực Hải Hậu - Nam Định

MSc. Ha, Doan Tien

Assoc.Prof. Bon, Truong Van

Assoc.Prof. Thai, Tran Hong

This paper presents research results change the parameters (height, width, size of long-short, ...) of the structure reduction wave, causing damages that affect the evolution of aquatic fossils regional dynamics of Hai Hau-Nam Dinh. From the results of the study will propose a reasonable set of parameters for the reduction wave, causing damages to the study area. To solve this problem, the authors have combined the experimental methods on physical modeling and simulation on mathematical model.
12 Nghiên cứu phân tích tính khả thi của giải pháp thoát nước và xử lý nước thải phân tán huyện Bình Chánh, thành phố Hồ Chí Minh bằng phương pháp phân tích lợi ích phí Dr. Hoa, Pham Thi  






Thiết bị điều khiển tự động, hỗ trợ vận hành trạm bơm lắp máy công suất đến 200KW

MSc. Thang, Nguyen Ngoc

MSc. Minh, Nguyen Quang

Eng. Bach, Bui Xuan

Eng. Lan, Nguyen Hong

This article presents an electronics control unit for pumps in  pumping stations which install  pumps with capacity up to  8.400m3/h and 200kw.  Depend on qualifications of wokers and prohabit, IPM has designed, produced and install Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition unit conformable for pumping station in Vietnam.


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