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Institute for Water, Irrigation and Environment - 5 years of operation and Development

Assoc.Prof. Tuan, Doan Doan; Dr. Quang, Le Xuan; MSc. Thu, Duong Thi Kim



Remember the times of General Vo Nguyen Giap visited Northern Irrigation Research Center, Water Resources Research Institute (now the Vietnam Academy of Water Resources)

Prof. Anh, Nguyen Tuan



The role of the economic sectors in developing small and medium sized electric pump stations in the Mekong Delta

Assoc.Prof. Tuan, Doan Doan



Solution to mobilize community involvement in livestock environmental management

Assoc.Prof. Huong, Vu Thi Thanh; MSc. Chinh, Vu Quoc; MSc. Chau, Nguyen Thi Ha; BA. Cu, Le Van

There are many studies on waste treatment technology, using waste in agriculture, solution of planning area for centralized livestock feeding to overcome the environmental pollution in livestock feeding. However, the effectiveness of these measures is limited; situation of environmental pollution in livestock feeding has not been significantly improved because awareness and community participation have been still limited. People are not fully aware of the harmful effects of environmental pollution and responsibility in environmental management in livestock. The content of this article is the result of the project "Research on solutions to mobilize community participation in environmental management in livestock and poultry feeding" implemented by the Institute for Water and Environment in 2010 -2012.


Impact assessment Methods of climate change to infrastructure system and rural agriculture in Hue province

Dr. Quang, Le Xuan

Thua Thien Hue province is located in the North Central part of Vietnam and is on the key economic development zone of the Central region. Annually, natural disasters have servere damages to agriculture and rural infrastructure of Thua Thien Hue caused the loss of hundred of billion Vietnam dong. Developing the methodology to assess impacts of climate change to agriculture and rural infrastructure for Thua Thien Hue is one of the task of National Target Program responding to climate change – MARD action plan. The research results give warning of climate change impacts to policy makers at the both central and provincial levels which provide evidence on climate change impacts to agriculture and rural infrastructure in order to formulate more effective investment policy.


Reservoir regulatory Impact Assessment to saltwater intrusion in downstream Ma River basin

MSc. Lam, Nguyen Xuan; MSc. An, Nguyen Quang

Downstream of Ma river is the region of developed agriculture, industry, tourism and cultural centre of Thanh Hoa province in particular and of Northern Central region in general. During the recent years, the region has been facing the deterioration of the low-flow and deep saline intrusion in the dry season, meanwhile, hydro-power reservoir system has been constructed and completed, and it is expected that there will be significant impacts. This paper is to briefly introduce some results of researching the effects of reservoir – operation on the saline intrusion, based on that, mitigation measures will be given suitable solution in the future.


The impact of mechanisms and policies on the management of rural domestic waste

Assoc.Prof. Huong, Vu Thi Thanh; MSc. Phong, Nguyen Duc

Vietnam is appreciated to generatean appropriate legal framework for environmental protection activities in general and waste management in particular. However, most of guidelinedocuments, technical standards, proceduresand support policies which have been issued all concentrated on urban, industrial area, for public service enterprises;besides, the implementation of policies have been facedwith barriers. Consequently, the implementation of rural domestic waste management were  has got into difficultiesin many years. The content  of this article has assessed positive effects and the limitations of the current policies forrural domestic waste management  through surveyresultsin nine provinces: Thai Nguyen, Son La, Nghe An, Hai Duong, Ha Nam, Nam Dinh, Dong Thap, An Giang and Ben Tre. The assessment results are foundation to propose proceduresand policies in order to support and promote domestic waste management for rural environmental area improvement



Rural domestic water storage technology in water scarcity areas

Dr. Quang, Le Xuan; MSc. Nguyet, Nguyen Thi

The water storage technologies for rural water supply has been researched and applied for a long time in almost regions of the country, especially in the water scarcity regions. The water storage technology applied has been partly contribution for rural drinking water supply in water scarcity areas, which contribute to improve life quality and income for local people and achieve the success of National Target Program on Water Supply and Sanitation. In the context of increasing challenges, the applying of new technology is necessary to ensure the achievement of rural drinking water supply target in water scarcity regions. This paper will review the traditional technology of water storage and recommend a potential water storage technology for rural water supply in region.


Applicability of rainfall-runoff models

MSc. Huy, Duong Quoc; Assoc.Prof. Phong, Nguyen Tung; Dr. Phong, Dang The; Assoc.Prof, Long. Ngo Le

The runoff time series play an important role in such activities of water management as planning, designing and operation but is not sufficiently monitored in terms of observed timing length and geographical locations. The Rainfall-runoff models, of which models of conceptual types, represent effective tools for overcoming this difficulty. However, the efficiency of using modeling as a tool depends on whether the users understand characteristics as well as the domain of application of models. This paper deals with main limitations of conceptual raifall-runoff models to avoid the situation where they are incautiously applied and as a result, do not help to meet the research objectives.


Study on changes rule and the orientation of science and technology solutions to serve waterway transport of Day estuary


Dr. Quyet, Nguyen Kien

The waterway transport from Day mouth to the Ninh Phuc (Ninh Binh) port is strategic waterway of the North. The effect of waterway transport is great and convenient for transporting goods from the South, the central provinces, without transit through the Haiphong port. However, the alteration of fairway on the layout following season, year is the biggest obstacle for exploiting this fairway. Based on analysis of available data on natural conditions, the article focuses clearly the progressing rule of Day mouth and directing solutions of training Day mouth serving navigation.






Cement channel with thin mesh layer - effective technology solutions in solidifying field canals

MSc. Thai, Ha Van



Fitness equipment integrated with water filtration

MSc. Anh, Nguyen Thi Ngoc; Eng. Duc, Ngo Minh


With demand of lake water treatment for the fresher environment and people’s demand in doing exercises, our group has been researching and producing a system of gym machine that can utilize energy from exercise to clean lake water. The machine with simple operation will improve the people’s health and attract people to participate in lake water treatment and environment protection.


Science and technology information and activities




Strengthen new rural construction to meet the industrialization and modernization of agriculture and rural development

Vinh, Ngo Quang



Water supply Department - Institute of Irrigation and Water Environment




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