Institute For Water And Environtment (IWE)
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IWE is a regional specialized research institute in charge of the northern region of Vietnam. Its research fields include water

resources, irrigation and drainage, land reclamation, drinking water supply, climate change mitigation and adaptation, environmental protection and ecosystem conservation.


- Integrated agroforestry and irrigation measures to restore the eco-systems in areas of desertification;

- Water-saving irrigation technologies for high economic value crops (applied in provinces: Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan );

- Water harvesting for domestic water supply in arid areas (applied in Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan, Nghe An, Ha Tinh and Hoa Binh );

- Rural small scale waste treatment technology (applied in provinces: Nam Dịnh, Thai Binh, Ha Nam and Ha Noi);

- Waste water treatment technology (applied in provinces: Bac Ninh, Nam Dịnh, Thai Binh, Ha Nam…);

- Nano treatment technology of arsenic contaminated water (applied in Ha Nam, Ha Noi);

- Identify irrigation regime and irigation techniques for a number of medical herbs and industrial trees.

Development orientation

- Improve the featured technologies of the Institute, and enhance the application simultanously;

- Focus on research to solve issues in water resources and climate changes.

- Modernize and diversify the multi-purpose utinization of water resources works, rural water supply;

- Advanced technoly solutions for high-tech agriculture production, water saving irrigation in area of shortage in water;

- Solutions of rural environmental treatment, accessing the industrial and urban environmental treatment solutions;

- Develop medical herbs cross the country.

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