Central Vietnam Institute For Water Resoures
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The institute is the representative of VAWR in the Middle and highlands regions of Vietnam. The institute focus on comprehensive applied scientific research on water resources, hydropower, environmental protection, prevention of droughts, flood control, natural disasters, river training, river bank and coastal protection, salinity intrusion, management and sustainable development of water resources; Consultancy: surveying, planning, project preparation, design, construction and the technology transfer in implimentation of hydraulic, hydropower, civil, drainage and fisheries works; science and technology solutions for irrigation, land reclamation; training and joint training of highly qualified human resources; international cooperation in scientific research and technology transfer for production and economic development of the Midddle and Highlands regions of Vietnam.

Waterproof technology by clay mat: Waterproofing for reservoir of Thoi Loi, Ly Son - Quang Ngai Waterproofing for canals, dams


- Geo-clay mat technology in hydraulic works and applied at reservoir Thoi Loi in Ly Son, prov. Quang Ngai;

- Wastewater treatment technology for fishery processing in industrial zone in the Middle;

- The high suction head pump HS200-15, HS350-55 for the production in the moutain area etc.


- Strengthen a reputation of the Institute on the Science and Technology of Water Resources in the Middle and Highlands.

- Make a close and effective interaction between scientific research and staff training, consultancy services and technology transfer; develop cooperation with national and international organizations to fullfil its multi-purpose tasks.

- Ensure the water source for the resorts, the islands.

- Research and compute the stability of appropriate estuary for flood release, waterways and storm shelters ;

- Solve the drought problem in the Middle and Highlands;

High suction head pump in Dinh Tien - Yen Dinh dist.- Thanh Hoa prov.

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