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Research scope

Scientific and technological research on pumps, pumping stations, water resources machines, environmental equipment in the whole country.


- High capacity pump HT 145 with Q=36000 m3/h, H=6m applied at Coc Thanh pumping station – prov.Nam Dinh);

- Inclined pumps; horizontal pumps 4000 m3/h;

- Axial pump with volute chamber HT 3600-5 applied at Bui Ha pumping station – prov. Nam Dinh, Phu Xuyen pumping station - capital Ha Noi, Van Duc pumping station – prov.Hai Duong);

- Capsule pump applied at Thoi Binh – prov.Ca Mau);

- Movable pump system;

- Needle pump for groundwater lowing and processing sand flow foundation applied at Yen Lenh pumping station – prov.Ha Nam, Lieu Tri pumping station – prov.Vinh Phuc)

- Automatic picking-up trash equipment for pumping station intakes applied at Van Dinh, cap. Hanoi, Van An – prov.Bac Ninh, Trieu Duong – prov.Hung Yen, etc.).

- Dust filtration equipment Xiclone with water membrane of pipe type Venturri for handicraft village, etc.

- Soft start equipment, semiautomatic control panel for operation of pumping stations.

- Disc valve of diameter upto 1500 mm with pressure to 12 atmosphere for the Suoi Tan hydropower;


- Continue to promote applied research and transfer activities, Integrate available scientific and technological products of the institute into: 3-partnership agricultural program, action plan to adapt to climate

changes, food security program, anti-desertification program, new rural construction program, rural clean water and environmental sanitation program, enhance of irrigation system efficiency. Create many new scientific products under the trademark of the Institute.

- Develop international cooperation in research and technology transfer.

Needles pump BC Q=450m3/h-10.000m3/h, H = 5m-50m for Groundwater lowing applied at Cu Chi - Ho Chi Minh city

Trash picking equipment created by the Institute applied at Van Dinh, Hanoi

 Disc valve created by the Institute applied at the Suoi Tan hydropower and other structures

Axial flow pump 3600 m3 created by the Institute- applied at Van Duc – prov. Hai Duong, Bui Ha - prov. Nam Dinh

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