Institute For Water Resources Economics And Management
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Research on economics and policies involved in investment, construction and management of water resources


- Provide scientific basis, develop policies on:

+ Economic foundations for balanced exploitation and use of national water resources;

+ Criteria for evaluating economic efficiency of water resources investment projects;

+ Strategies and policies for renovation of water resources management mechanisms in accordance with market economy;

+ Irrigation fee calculation and irrigation fee related policies;

+ Regulations on management on quality of hydraulic construction;

+ Policies on decentralization in management of hydraulic structure systems;

+ Regulations in ordering for hydraulic construction management;

+ Regulations on the capability of organizations and individuals involved in hydraulic construction management, etc.

- Develop norms and unit prices for water resources management, such as: Hydraulic model ex- periments; Design of mechanical hydraulic construction; Highlands dams; Jet-grouting, mortar grouting for dyke reinforcement; Remodeling embankments; hub processing; Roller compacted concrete; self-compacting concrete, etc.


- Develop the Institute to be a leading scientific research organization regarding aspects of institution, policy, economics and management in the field of water resources, disaster management, environment and rural water supply.

- Strengthen cooperation and consultation on scientificresearch with organizations and individuals within and outside the country.

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Scientific workshop on enhancing the efficiency in exploitation of hydraulic systems serving development of new rural areas

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