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- Research on termite, technology of termite and pest control.

- Research and application of geophysical technologies to investigate termite nests and hidden dangers in dikes and dams.

- Produce and apply biological products for termite, pest control and water treatment.

- Research and implement solutions to plant trees to break the force of the waves, to prevent flying and shifting sand, and to protect sea dikes and coastal areas.

- Research on ecological environment, biological resources in reservoirs, lagoons, nearby areas and ecological solutions to protect, restore ecosystems in lagoons and reservoirs.


- Technology of termite control and fill up cavity of termite nest applied for thousands of kilometers of dikes, more 300 important reservoir dams in the country to address the safety of dikes and dams in Vietnam ;

- Biological products consists of Metavina 10DP, Metavina 90DP, Metavina 80LS, Metament 90DP used to control termite and some other pests that was patented and commerced and ensure safety for human and the environment;

- Technology of highly effective termite trap applied in termite treatment for many important monuments in Vietnam such as the Hoi An, Hue ancient towns, President Ho Chi Minh relics, ... and office headquarters;

- Technology of planting mangrove trees to be grown in critical areas to made a soft walls to strenghthen the resistance of sea dyke applied in provinces as Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Quang Tri, Nam Dinh, Quang Ninh; Test of breakwater tree strip in the Ca Mau peninsula;

- Technology of planting trees on sand dunes for stabilization, prevention of flying sand and shifting sand in cooperation with Japan;

- Ground penetrating radar and multi-electrode equipment applied to investigate termite nests and hidden dangers (seapage, leekage cavity…) on hundreds of dikes, dams

Development Orientation

- Focus on quality of science research and technology development. Research on technologies to ensure the safety of dams, reservoirs and hydraulic works. Study the measures to restore and improve ecosystems of lagoons and lakes;

- Strengthen partnerships, cooperation with other organization in the country, collaboration with foreign partners in research and technology transfer.

 Multiplication to produce Metavina

 Termite treatment with bait BDM 10 and biological products is effective and environmental friendly

 Grow mangvove trees at Hau Loc, Thanh Hoa province

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