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Address: No. 268 Chua Boc – Dong Da – Hanoi

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- Scientific research in water resources, information technology, electronics, communication;

- Set up and application transfer in GIS, package software, monitoring system - automatization, computer, electronics, communication;

- Consultancy in information technology and water resources information.


- Control equipment and operating support software for SCADA technology for monitoring water levels, rainfall, water quality control, monitoring of parameters in the dam body and base, building control stations for closure and opening of gate and valve, overflow in irrigation systems as well as operating reservoirs. Products have been delivered to many irrigation works.

- Application of artificial intelligence, development of expert systems based on geographic information technology, implementation of forecasting and decision support service in managing, monitoring and forecasting of rice pests diseases, cattle, poultry, droughts, floods, water level monitoring in reservoir, v.v..

- GIS and remote sensing application to monitor the changes of vegetation cover and desertification under the impacts of climate change;

- Application of distribute database technology, distribute systems, ownership of GIS technology within the open source GIS system for building high-performance work to meet the increasing requirements of users and the market;

- Software development on internal management, administration, e-office, online meeting, e-commerce. Implement services or application transfer: Agricultural product market on Internet, E-office for all offices in Vietnam Academy for Water Resources, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD),…; Data management system on crops, livestock for MARD.

- Solution to e- meeting on Web-based instead of television.

Development Orientation

- Further improve the existing products;

- Research on applying satellite technology, mobile devices in the SCADA system for solutions of data transmission, transmission of control signals.

- Research on applying distribute database technology, distribute system, artificial intelligence, expert system, master of open source GIS technology to build up high performance GIS systems.

- Take advantage of the Center in the development of software, research, and step by step build up a system of information collection, storage, and data processing, decision support in the operation of irrigation, flood release, reservoir.

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