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- Building up highly-qualified researchers for Vietnam Academy for Water Resources;

- Cooperating with international organizations for research, training and facilitating for technology access from developed countries


- Ph.D training: Provide training with 7 academicsubjects, namely Hydraulic construction, GeotechnicalConstruction, River training & Coastal engineering,Water resources development, Environment ofwater and land, Water resources planning

& management, Irrigation & drainage;

- Joint-Master training: Cooperate with Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Germany to offer Master program on Water Resources Management;

- Short-course training: Formulating short courses on Water resources management, Disaster risk management & climate change, Irrigation modernization,

Participatory irrigation management and community development .

International cooperation

- Set up and develop cooperation in scientific research, training and technology transfer with partner countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, such as the USA, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Czech Re-public, Japan, China, Korea, Jordan, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Mozambique and South


- Member of the International network for Water and Ecosystem of Paddy fields (INWEPF) which consists of 17 member countries, Center Network for Resources Development (CNRD) including 12 Universities and Research Institutes (South and

Southeast Asia; Middle East; North Africa; Latin America, the Carib-bean and South Africa; International Committee on Irrigation and drainage -ICID);

- Focus on strategic development and implementation of comprehensive development and training, scientific research and technology transfer in the field of water resources with strategic partners such as Germany and Japan.;

- Develop, coordinate and implement the project of international cooperation on capacity building, consultancy and technology transfer.


The main focus will be on the issues of ‘decision support system’ (DSS) of water resources management, disaster risk management & climate change; research and technology transfer of decentralized waste water treatment system (DEWATS), irrigation modernization and integrated water management and sustainable community development.


Expanding international cooperation in the fields of training, scientific research and technology transfer. Providing highly-qualified human resources to meet the development requirements of agriculture and the rural development sector. Contributing to the socio-economic development of the country and international integration.

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