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Research and transfer technology in Hydraulic

Engineering and rural infrastructure.


1- Pillar dam is named for the new kind of structure to build big barriers across river mouths. By using this license, structure can be constructed like bridges without coffer dams as conventional methods. So, the cost can reduce 30%, site clearance is minimum.

2- Floating dam is named for other kind of small barriers across natural channels in Mekong river delta. By using this license, structures can be constructed from many units in one place, then pulled along the river to the required place. If necessary, the structures can be removed to other places later.  Tru Do and Xalan Dam Licensed constructing methods were given Ho Chi Minh Prize, the most valuable award for Science and Technology activities in Vietnam.

3- Jet grouting method is imported from Japan and was used successfully in the treatment of soft soils, making cut-off walls in the site of earth fill dams, emergency stopping water leakage through hydraulic works.

4- Underground water collecting dam is an other new innovation, it has been applied very successfully in mountainous areas to provide water for minority communes.

5- Composite gates (instead of using steel gates as normal) are very durable in tidal areas, which help the government to save hundreds of billion Vietnam dong

6- Waterproofing paint - a new product which helps to reduce the reliance on overseas supplies. The Institute has experience in hydraulic engineering consultancy. It has facilities and equipment to conduct on site investigations and also perform laboratory experiments. Our further aim is to enhance our cooperation with domestic as well as foreign partners to carry out joint research projects and transfer technology.

ThaoLong biggest barrier in Asia region, this dam was designed using our Trudo Dam Licensed technology

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