Access and use of high quality remote sensing imagery
Create date: 04/07/17
On 05/4/2017, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tung Phong, Deputy Director of Vietnam Academy of Water Resources, had a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Science and Technology, CLS organisation, Woods Hole Group and Planet Company.

The delegation was led by Mrs. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Dung - Head of Representative Office of Science and Technology - Ministry of Science and Technology - General Consulate of Vietnam - San Francisco (USA); Ms. Blanca Payas Puigarnau - Manager of Regional Development Europe, Russia, Central Asia - Planet Company (USA); Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Lan - Representative in Vietnam CLS organisation Woods Hole (USA) - Member of CLS organisation; Mr. Duc Anh - Business Manager of CLS Organization; Mr. Bob Hamilton - Managing Director of Woods Hole (USA) - CLSMember; Mr. Vu Minh Chau - Senior Woods Hole Expert - CLS Member.

Representatives of the Vietnam Academy of Water Resources, Institute For Water And Environment (IWE), the Center for Training and International Cooperation, Centre For Water Resources Software, Key Laboratory Of River And Coastal Engineering and Planning Department.

At the meeting, representatives of Woods Hole Group shared some information and experiences in Asia and the field of the Organization. According to Mr. Bob Hamilton, the Woods Hole Group is an international environmental, science and engineering consulting firm active in the field of ecological sustainable and applications; scientific, technical and coastal management; geological and oceanographic systems. Among the key issues that Woods Hole Group has focus on flood risk mapping, high risk identification, protection and planning for the future; Salinity intrusion, impacts on agriculture (rice farming) in the deltas, water supply planning, agricultural development, water quality / oxidation, and forecast salt intrusion. Therefore the planners, managers can control before it is happened.

In response of the Woods Hole Group, the Vice Director appreciated the experience in approaching and solving specific problems of the Organization and the Academy has also been studying drought management, development of tools for forecasting of salinity intrusion in the Mekong River delta, forecasting salinity monitoring for the Red River Delta for winter-spring crop discharge for agricultural production.


At the same time, the Academy is also working on solutions for shoreline erosion, soft shore protection solutions such as the development of wave breaking and mangrove trees. Therefore, the Deputy Director said that the two agencies might coordinate and find a common cooperation.


Ms. Blanca Payas Puigarnau - Manager of Regional Development Europe, Russia, Central Asia - Planet Company (USA) has introduced the company profile, the superiority of products and services. Planet Company is a start-up company launched since 2010 by three precursor experts from the NASA Airborne Rifle Agency. Currently, Planet Company has about 300 ~ 400 employees, with offices in Germany, Holland, Canada, South America, Just as Facebook, Google, Planet Company has changed the face of the remote sensing industry and is currently under the US government.

The Planet ‘s mission is to be able to daily attract images so that we can see the change of the Earth every day, every hour, every minute so that can have timely action.

The company has 150 satellites launches on the sky and has become a company own the most satellites in the world, possibly attract the most images. The company’s approach  is not only access to individual parts but also access to package from designing, assembling, launching, application development, cost minimizing, lightweight satellite equipment ... Currently, the company can attract more than 1 million photos per day.

The company's products are available as the customer's request. The company is ready to provide photos, fragments in areas where customers are interested in the present as well as past, Ms. Blanca Payas Puigarnau, the representative of Planet (USA) said.


After that, Deputy Director expressed his great impression on the development of the company and the company's products. He said that the products and services provided by the Company are suitable and very useful for all the activities of the Academy have been implementing and hope to have the opportunity to become customers of the Company. .

Deputy Director has also briefed the organizational structure, functions, tasks and field of activities of the Academy and made some suggestions, expecting the Department of High Technology - Ministry of Science and Technology support the company and Vietnam Academy for Water Resources can cooperate in the form of joint ventures, data sharing, results using, experiences and technologies developed by the two sides; mobilizing funds, develop projects; sign the cooperation memorandum to have a framework for cooperation programs.

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