Meeting with Russian expert team on water saving irrigation
Create date: 12/22/16
On December 21st, 2016, at the Vietnam Academy for Water Resources, A/Prof Nguyen Tung Phong, Deputy Director, had a meeting with the Russian expert team on water saving irrigation. Mr Vasily A. Fartukob - CEO of Hi-tech Company and Mr. Andrey N. Persyaev - Vice President of High Tech Company delegated the team.

On the Vietnamese side, representatives from the Department of Science, Technology and International Cooperation - General Department of Irrigation - Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, International Training and Cooperation Center, Institute of Water, Irrigation, Drainage and Environment and other experts on water saving irrigation of the Academy were at the meeting.

The Russian experts presented their smart water-saving irrigation system. They explained that this irrigation system could be applied in different regions around the world, adapted to all climatic and land conditions, and used for different purposes with unlimited and wide application. It is possible to apply in irrigation with fertilizers for a variety of crops, especially to irrigate in different modes for different crops.

The system has a smart control panel, which can be controlled remotely via peripheral device or direct control. This controller can handle multiple equipments at the same time. Since the monitoring facilities are in various positions to transmit data to the central control panel, the system has the interaction between the equipment and plant response, in which the levels of irrigation and spray distance are indicated.

The Russian team was seeking a Vietnamese partner to cooperate for their new development orientation, in which they would test their irrigation technology in a pilot area in order to improve the technology and apply it in production in Vietnam. The Russian experts stated that this technology had not yet been introduced in Vietnam, and this was an opportunity to try the technology in real conditions in the country. They would like to form a project for joint cooperation in which the Russian side would provide the technology, facilities and equipment, while the Vietnamese side would organize the implementation.

Our Deputy Director delivered a brief introduction of the Academy for Water Resources and emphasized that smart water saving irrigation was the top priority task that the Academy focused. The Vietnam Academy for Water Resources is mandated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Government to develop advanced water-saving irrigation technology; irrigation scheme, irrigation procedure for key crops; support the development of pilot models for water savings and technical assistance to replicate these models; and development of irrigation manuals and technical irrigation process for different crops. "Our focus is coffee, pepper, tea, sugarcane, cashew and citrus, fruits and vegetables", said the Deputy Director.

With regard to the water-saving irrigation technology presented by the Russian experts, the Deputy Director recognized similar activities of the two institutions in scientific research, technology transfer, and opportunities of potential cooperation between them.

Although there are many suppliers of irrigation equipment and technology, there is currently a lack of standards for technology design and selection, irrigation process for different crops. Therefore, the cooperation between the Academy and Russian expert team would solve these problems, fulfilling the tasks assigned by the Government and the Ministry.

The Deputy Director suggested that the Russian expert team would bring in the technology, and the Academy would provide resources for practical implementation. Vietnamese experts in agriculture, water resources and irrigation would jointly implement the demonstration models. The Vietnamese side would seek support opportunities in Vietnam, Government projects, ODA projects for replication; look for agricultural entrepreneurs, private partners and corporations who might be interested in this technology; and select crops and locations that are strategic and critical for a demonstration.

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