Technical workshop on introducing advanced technology for dam safety inspection and evaluation
Create date: 08/01/18
In the morning of July 31st 2018, Directorate of Water Resources cooperated with Sixsense Corporation (France) and Institute for Ecology and Works Protection (Vietnam Academy for Water Resources) to organize a technical workshop: “Introducing the advanced technology for dam safety inspection and evaluation”.

Participants attending the workshop were representatives of Departments under Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; Institute of Water Resources Planning; Water Resources University; Irrigation Exploitation and Management Company, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development from provinces ...

Representatives of Vietnam Academy for Water Resources (VAWR) are Prof. Dr. Tran Dinh Hoa - Deputy Director General of VAWR, representatives of Institute for Ecology and Work Protection, Institute for Hydraulic Works.

The Vice Minister of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), Hoang Van Thang chaired the workshop.

At the workshop, Mr. Vu Hoang Hiep - Institute for Ecology and Work Protection introduced a combination of Ground penetrating radar (GPR), multi-polar electrical tomography and infrared thermograph methods to assess the potential hazards of dams and dykes in Vietnam.

Mr. Vu Hoang Hiep stated that using the combination of these methods will make it easier to detect potential hazards such as termites, cavities, erosion, cracks, leakagearea, permeability, heterogeneous blocks, sand lens in the foundation and body of dykes and dams. At the same time, it helps to evaluate geology and dyke foundation as well as calculate dyke stabilization at any segment.

"This combination of geophysical methods provides fast, accurate results without affecting the work structure, while still ensuring the environment compliance. This technology demonstrates potential hazards comprehensively in the entire scope of the survey and can be widely used in the dyke, dam safety assessment and other similar structures. " Said Mr. Vu Hoang Hiep.

Representative of Sixsense Corporation (France) introduced some new monitoring technologies to inspect and survey geology of works and cavities inside construction works as well as benefits and effectiveness of these technologies.

For example, logging technology, which can be installed, maintained and added sensors easily for monitoring of a large area and at locations where it is difficult for supervisor to access sensors. InSAR satellite monitoring technology with image resolution of more than 15.000 pixels per km2 in urban areas and thousands of pixels outside urban areas has a short observation return period of about 11.8 day, with a high accuracy without touch the ground; 4DBlock GPS monitoring technology with a compact, reliable receiver, operate-able in a wide range of networks, no installation required and adjustable to monitor slow motion; Automatic deformation monitoring technology is based on the use of total station theodolite for real-time automatic monitoring of 3D targets, which can monitor targets from 2km away (used in open-pit mines), with an accuracy up to 1mm for 100m distance and it is possible to connect multiple theodolites to a single cluster. In addition, representative of the Corporation also introduced system management software for the Rhône river basin, France by digital technology.

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