The Vietnam Academy for Water Resources Conference for reviewing the tasks in 2018 and starting the implement plan for 2019
Create date: 01/21/19
Aiming to further clarify the results and achievements, analyze the existing limitations, draw lessons for the Academy's development in 2019 and the following years, on January 18 ,2019, Vietnam Academy for Water Resources (VAWR) solemnly organized the Conference to review the work in 2018 and implement the plan for 2019.

The conference was held online at 3 sites at the National Key Laboratory of River and Sea Dynamics, Southern Institute of Water Resources Research and the Institute of Water Resources Research for Central region and Central Highlands.

The delegates were: The representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development - Mr. Hoang Van Thang - Member of the Party Personnel Committee - Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development; Mr. Vu Xuan Thuy - Member of the Party Personnel Committee - Member of the Presidium of the Vietnam General Confederation of Trade Union - Chairman of the SectorTrade Union; Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tuan Anh - Chairman of Science and Technology Program for new rural construction - Former Director of Institute of Water Resources Research; representatives of leaders of the General Department of Irrigation, the General Department of Natural Disaster Prevention and the Departments, Representatives of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Economic Security; representative of the Police Department which investigate economic crimes. In addition, there are representatives of Departments under the Ministry of Science and Technology; representative of Dau Tieng Irrigation Company; Institute of Strategic Policy; representatives of associations: Association of Irrigation, Association of big dams and water resources development, Vietnam Irrigation Association, Hydrogeology Association; experts and managers have close cooperation with the Institutes inside and outside the industry and representatives of domestic media agencies.

There were representatives attending the conference at 3 sites: from Vietnam Academy for Water Resources, there was Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Vu Viet - Party Secretary - Director General of the Academy; the members of the Board of Directors of the Academy; Professors, Asso.Prof., scientists who are former leaders of the Institute through the ages; representatives of the divisions under the Academy; representatives of departments and centers of divisions under the Academy; The staff with the PhD. level or more.

Overview picture of the Conference

Music performances to welcome the Conference

Deputy Director General of Vietnam Academy for Water Resources Prof.Dr. Tran Dinh Hoa declared the reason, introduced the delegates and delivered the opening speech

Party Secretary - Director General of Vietnam Academy for Water Resources Assoc. Prof.Dr.Nguyen Vu Viet presented the task summary report of 2018 and the plan for 2019

On behalf of the Vietnam Academy for Water Resources, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Vu Viet - Party Secretary - Director of the Academy presented the summary report of the work in 2018 and the plan for 2019. According to the report, in the first year of implementing the Law on Water Resources and many Decrees and documents under relevant laws, this has changed the thinking and the approach when proposing and implementing scientific and technological tasks, the Academy's consultancy tasks in a practical, effective and meaningful way. 2018 was also the first year to implement Decree 19, Decree 16, Resolution 120 on the Mekong Delta, Circular 01, Decree 54, Circular 90 and also the units under the Academy also organized the establishment anniversary. The organizational structure of the Academy is stable, the promotion of leading cadres was from internal resources; The units under the Academy were decentralized for appropriate management with internal solidarity, cooperative spirit and each staff is deeply aware of their responsibility to the unit and their assigned tasks and the compliance with State regulations and laws.

The Academy completed the review and supplementation of leadership planning for the period 2016-2021 and implemented the planning for the period 2021-2025; the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development had made the decision to promote 34 officials from the researcher to senior researcher; the Ministry of Home Affairs decided to promote from senior researchers to high level researchers for 5 professors and associate professors. Passing the exam, 15 officials were decided by MARD to upgrade level from the researcher to senior researcher; 4 officials were upgraded from specialist to senior specialist; Salary was raised before the deadline for 35 officials, regular salary increase for 119 officials...

Regarding the training and human resource development, in 2018, the Academy had 10 PhD students who successfully defended the doctoral thesis at the Academy level, 100% of doctoral records met the Ministry of Education and Training's appraisal requirements. The Academy also held an English class for the PhD. candidates according to new training regulations (Northern class). Especially in 2018, the Academy is honored to have one more Professor and 07 Assoc.Professors to add to the leading scientific and technological staff of the Academy.

Praising and acknowledging the achievements, in 2018, the Academy had many collectives and individuals receiving noble awards from the Party, State and Ministries such as the first-class independent medal for Southern Institute of Water Resources Research (collective); 2nd-class Labor Medal, Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister, Certificate of Merit from the Minister, merit of ministerial for initiatives and other emulation titles... Assoc.Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tung Phong - Deputy Director General of the Academy was nominated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as an outstanding individual to attend the National Patriotic Emulation Conference.

In 2018,  the Academy also presided  many scientific and technological tasks at all levels including 49 national science and technology tasks; 3 topics of science and technology of Program for new rural construction, 24 ministerial-level science and technology tasks; 2 environmental tasks, 19 provincial and city research tasks, 9 tasks of building standards and regulations; 43 regular tasks according to functions, 2 basic survey projects, 13 tasks of monitoring water quality in irrigation systems, 7 tasks of water source forecasting for 5 Mekong Delta regions and river basins Vu Gia - Thu Bon, participating in implementing 02 innovative projects in science and technology activities (FIRST).

The scientific activities of the Academy are closely linked and contribute practically and significantly to the sector such asThe calculation for the proposing water taken for the production of the 2019 winter-spring crop in RRD based on the forecast of saline intrusion that helped the Water Resources Directorateworking with the Ministry of Industry and Trade to release  water from large hydroelectric reservoirs in the upstream; Saline intrusion forecast in order to get water for agricultural production in Mekong Delta; Water pollution forecast in large irrigation areas to direct water diversion;Estimation of drought and water sources in river basins to orient the change of cropping pattern; Water balance forecast reports for Vu Gia - Thu Bon and Luy river basin were sent to local areas and Water Resources Directorate to support decision making;Calculate and provide timely information on inter-reservoir regulation results in the Red River basin in 2018;Rehearsal for Central Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control on inter-reservoir emergency flood discharge management into Hoa Binh reservoirand response to ensure downstream safety. Flood maps for river basins have been developed to help prevent natural disasters effectively, reduce risks significantly...

In addition, many research results have been widely applied in management, construction, safety of reservoirs, serving new rural construction, the Academy has take leading position in developing many documents, documents, manuals for the  the management and administration of the Ministry, the Water Resources Directorate and the General Department of Natural Disaster Prevention; many staff of the Institute participated in compiling decrees and documents related to irrigation law, drafting many guidelines, proposing models of on-farm irrigation management and PPP cooperation models. ...

Regarding economic contracts, the Academy has carried out hundreds of economic contracts, signed hundreds of new contracts; the divisions with specific technology products have the advantage in competing and winning many new contracts; economic contracts vary in types, sizes, forms of implementation, diversity of investors and from various sources such as ODA projects, technical projects funded by countries, NGO groups, ...

The registration of intellectual property, inventions and technical innovations, technical advances and solutions has been increasingly concerned by individual divisions. In 2018, the Institute was granted 03 intellectual property monopolies, 6 useful solutions, in addition to 5 copyrights and 9 useful solutions that were accepted, mainly concentrated in the Institute of Hydraulic Structure, Southern Institute of Water Resources; National key laboratory of river and sea dynamics; Institute of Water, Irrigation and Environment; Institute of Sea Engineering, Institute of Ecology and Works Protection; The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development awarded 04 prizes of Golden Rice.

In 2018, the Institute had hundreds of articles published in journals, yearbooks of national and international scientific seminars, including 12 articles published in prestigious magazines under ISI system; In addition, there are 4 articles published in other international prestigious magazines and 27 articles on yearbooks of international prestigious seminars.

Cooperation in international integration - a common trend of the world,has been continuouslymaintained by the Academy. The Academy keep the cooperation with: the International Network for Water and Ecosystems in Paddy Field(INWEP)with the role as a member of the network; Center for Natural Resource and Development (CNRD) with specific activities; BORDA Research Association and Development (Federal Republic of Germany) on wastewater treatment models; International Hydraulic Research Association (National Key Laboratory for River Dynamics) on updating and exchanging public scientific and technological information; the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) in water resources research cooperation; with the Korean National Disaster Management Institute (NDMI) on flash flood warning technology, with JICA on handling anaerobic pollution for irrigation reservoir; with JAXA on space technology ...

In international cooperation, the Academy is a reliable destination for many organizations such as JICA (Japan), AFD (France), KOIKA (Korea), BTC (now ENABEL – Belgium), World Bank (WB), World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), scientific corporations and institutes, universities, and enterprises to come to explore opportunities for cooperation and exchange of experiences ... Such cooperation has been mainly maintained by the units of the Academy. Many delegations of the Academy visited some countries to learn experiences, seek cooperation opportunitiesand participate in international conferences and seminars.

In addition to the achieved results, the report also frankly acknowledged the shortcomings and limitations in 2018, the opportunities and challenges in 2019, thus setting out the key tasks: Organizing the implementation of the Decree 19 on renovating the organization and management system, improving the quality and operational efficiency of public service firms; Continuing the innovationof the direction and management with breakthroughs, with effective and substantive content; Combining the direction and implementation with the inspection and supervision, encouraging innovation and creative application of science and technology; Focusing on the organizing activities to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam Academy for Water Resources, such as organizing seminars, scientific magazine, history books of Acadmy development, launching the emulation movement and ceremony; Continue to promote the development of human resources, increase the proportion of leading staff in all fields of expertise, promote the plan for training PhD. candidates under new regulations. Good preparation of short-term training for Irrigation and Climate Change Prevention; Enhance public   copyright registration, intellectual property,   technical progress, international announcement, awards of Golden Rice, VIFOTEC ... transfer applied research results to production, improve competitiveness in bidding to select project topics and consulting services; Promote research and transfer to contribute effectively to the development of the industry ...

Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Hoang Van Thang made a speech at the Conference

Speaking at the conference, Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Hoang Van Thang congratulated the achievements of the Academy in the year 2018. In which, the Vice Minister highly appreciated the Academy for adhering to the focal points of the country and the sector and the coordination of the Academy with the agencies and units in the sector to solve major problems of the country.

Vice Minister Hoang Van Thang said: “In 2017, the Academy spent a lot of time to build irrigation law, this is a very important and meaningful work for the sector in the coming time, greatly changing in the ways of thinking and scientific approach; together with other ministries to develop the Government's Resolution 120; coordinated with other agencies in the Ministry to develop guiding circulars, many legal documents; There are many scientific studies to help the Ministry to form a development vision for not only the irrigation and agriculture but the country, such as long-term assessment of the impact of the Red River upstream development, the water level decline of Red River from which to form a vision planning; approaching the world's great lesson on long-term forecasts, building forecasts with FAO, University of California  and with overseas Vietnamese scientists.

“In 2018, the Academy had a very good forecast for the Mekong Delta such as the flow analysis compared that in long time serry, the amount of water accumulated in the Mekong ...; deeply approaching flood forecasting issues on the Red River; forecasting rainfall-flow; reservoir operation, dam safety issues. The Academy has many important partnerships with international organizations to help the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to improve the strategy such as coordination with AFD to solve the problem of coastal erosion for the Mekong Delta, with The Netherhands on flood forecasting, with GIZ on coastlineprotection, with JICA and FAO on drought management ... Besides, the Academy has a lot of technologies to help the sector such as technology for dam safety forecasting and bank protection, water saving irrigation, small and medium hydroelectricity, pumping and irrigation equipment, model experiments ... and the Academy's technologies have been sticking to reality” The Vice Minister also shared three issues in the new context that is the breakthrough of science and technology, the issue of globalization, the law of Hydraulic Works and the opportunities and challenges for the irrigation sector in the coming time. . In particular, the Vice Ministeremphasized the problem that the Mekong Delta will encounter in the coming time, that are sea level rise, environmental pollution, coastal erosion, lowering water levels, especially the problems of land subsidence, river bank erosion, and these are major challenges for the irrigation sector, require the irrigation scientists to confront.

Repeated the speech of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong at the Government's online conference with localities to implement the socio-economic task and the State budget estimate for 2018 " not to sleepafter the victory ", The Vice Minister proposed that the Academy continue to innovate, continue to review and adjust strategies, attract top experts, have a policy of sergeants, pave the way for young officials ... Once again, the Vice Minister congratulated the Academy for comprehensive achievements on all aspects of the work in 2018, closely following the sector strategy, the challenges of the sector and the country. The Vice Minister proposed that the Academy should speed up and have a stronger solution, continue to help the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to solve pressing problems of the country.


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