Vietnam Academy for Water Resources celebrates Vietnames Teachers’ Day to express the gratitude and respect to lecturers and scientists
Create date: 11/21/18
On the afternoon of November 19, 2018, Vietnam Academy for Water Resources celebrated Vietnamese Teachers' Day 20/11 to express gratitude and respect to the great dedication of lecturers and scientists who have been contributing their efforts, enthusiasm and wisdom to the training and developing high quality human resources.

Participants in the ceremony are Prof. Dr. Tran Dinh Hoa - Deputy Secretary of Party Committee - Deputy Director General of Vietnam Academy for Water Resources; leaders of functional departments; lecturers, scientists, Professor, Associate Professor and PhD participating in training at Vietnam Academy for Water Resources.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Hong Cuong – Vice head of Administration Organization announced the reason and introduced delegates in the celebration

Prof. Dr. Tran Dinh Hoa – Deputy Director General gave a speech in terms of training activities in VAWR

On behalf of Party Committee - Board of Directors of Vietnam Academy for Water Resources, Prof. Dr. Tran Dinh Hoa - Deputy Director General sent greetings to the lecturers and students attending the ceremony. Deputy Director General asserted that in addition to scientific research, technology transfer for agriculural production, the training of high quality scientific staffs for VAWR as well as for the Sector has always been determined by VAWR as an important task.

Regarding training activities in Vietnam Academy for Water Resources over past few years, Deputy Director General said: Currently, The number of scientific staff in VAWR consists of 04 Professors, 31 Associate Professors, 33 Phds, 372 MSc. Vietnam Academy for Water Resourceshas been training 05 majors including water resourcesengineering, marine and coastal engineering, hydrology, soil and water environment, geotechnical engineering.

Among 73 scientific staffsof VAWR directly training PhD students, there are 43 lecturersfrom national and international training institutions, research institutes and universities invited by VAWR to participate in guiding doctoral students and teaching in joint master program.

There are 72 PhD students studying in VAWR; There were 17 PhD students completing dissertation defense at Institute level and 02 PhD students preparing for the dissertation defense; Particularly,there were 09 PhD students completing dissertation defense at Institute level and 16 PhD students completing first round defense in 2018; 06 PhD students have been trained under the Program 911 of the Ministry of Education.

For joint master education program with international university, VAWR has enrolled 9 courses with 114 students, training 77 MSc; in addition to Vietnamese lecturers and students, there are 8 German lecturers and foreign students.

Regarding the development of leading scientific staffs, 1 Professor and 7 Associate Professors of VAWR are recognized by the State Professor Council and titles in sub-institutes are also appointed.

Besides, VAWR also organizes short-term training courses, professional training for staffs at localilities and organizations; classes for English exam preparation supporting scientific researchers desiring to become PhD students and being recognized as Professor and Associate Professor.

Regarding the training development strategy in the upcoming period, the Deputy Director General said that VAWR will continue to train high-quality staffs, consider standardizing documents and textbooks, training methods, improving the quality of lecturers, upgrading facilities for research of PhD students, creating a convenient environment for training; provide incentives for national and international scientific staffs and experts to participate in training activities; improve the quality of post-graduate training of VAWR oriented to regional and international quality requirements, strengthen connection with national and international universities and research institutes ...; continue to promote the planning of leading scientific staffs as Professor and Associate Professor ...

On the accasion of Vietnamese Teachers' Day anniversary on November 20th, on behalf of the Party Committee- Board of Directors and training unit of VAWR, Prof.Dr. Tran Dinh Hoa - Deputy Secretary of Party Committee- Deputy Director General of VAWR has sent profound gratitude to lecturers, scientists and experts involved in the training activities of VAWR. The Deputy Director General hopes that in the upcoming period, VAWR will continue to receive more support in the training. 

Then, lecturers, scientists, leading Professor and Associate Professor in irrigation sector also shared valuable opinions for training as well as developing high-quality human resources of Vietnam Academy for Water Resources in the coming time.

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