Opportunity for cooperation and relationship development with Israel
Create date: 06/06/18
Following the visit of the Vietnam Academy for Water Resources (VAWR) in the International Agricultural Exhibition Agritech 2018 in Israel in May 2018, VAWR had a meeting with Mr. Nadav Eshcar, Israeli Ambassador inViet Nam, Mr. Doron Lebovich - Deputy Ambassador and Mr. Yaniv Tessel – Economic and Trade Counselor of the Embassy on June 5, 2018. Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr. Hoang Van Thang also attended and discussed at

There are some representatives of VAWR attending this meeting, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Vu Viet – General Director, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tung Phong – Deputy General Director, representatives from Center for Training and International Cooperation, Department of Organization and Administration, Department of Planning and some sub-institutes under VAWR.

 In addition, Mr. Dinh Hai Lam – Sales Manager in Southeast Asia region of NaandanJain Corporation- Israel also attended the meeting.

On behalf of VAWR, Deputy General Director, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tung Phong has introduced about the structure, organization, function, tasks and achievements in scientific and technological activities as well as technology transfer of VAWR. Simultaneously, he proposed some activities to cooperate with Israel in terms of transfer, demonstration and training of advanced water-saving irrigation technologies at researching units of VAWR and in the dry land in Vietnam by possibly establishing a Center for Israel Scientific and Technological Cooperation in Vietnam.

Deputy Minister of MARD, Mr. Hoang Van Thang highly appreciated contents in the International Agricultural Exhibition Agritech 2018 in Israel. He indicated that the cooperation between Vietnam and Israel is consistent with the aspiration and strength of Vietnam and Israel, in which Israel has an advantage in terms of agricultural technology and Vietnam has a large-scale agricultural economy, but its potential technology is still limited.

In addition, the challenge of climate change requires agriculture sector, farmers and enterprises in Vietnam have to quickly approach and apply advanced technologies substantially, especially Israel’s agricultural technologies.

He also said that VAWR needs to set up a center for cooperation with Israel to disseminate and transfer technology along with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD).

"Recently, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has also support the VAWR with investment to build the Research Center for Green Growth in Ninh Thuan province, the Center for Training and Research at Hoa Lac, so it is great if companies and agricultural research institutes in Israel can demonstrate Israeli technologies for Vietnamese people and business enterprises; and support technology transfer"said Deputy Minister Hoang Van Thang.

Deputy Minister Hoang Van Thang hopes that this center will be the center for information and connection between Israeli and Vietnamese enterprises, disseminating Israeli technologies quickly to people and businesses that have less access to these technologies.

Regarding the proposed activities for cooperation with Israel, VAWR is requested by the Deputy Minister to cooperate with Israeli experts in evaluating water management system in dry provinces (Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan, Khanh Hoa); assessing the potential development and regional water use planning; restoring some citrus trees (orange tree in Ha Giang) with high economic value for which Israel has advanced technology.

The Deputy Minister also said that Government of Viet Nam has issued two important Decrees, namely Decree 55 and Decree 77, which support the development of high-techagriculture and water-savingirrigationwith very specific regulations, motivatingboth enterprises and people to invest in high-tech agriculture and precision agriculturedevelopment.

Director General ofVAWR,Assoc.Prof. Dr.Nguyen VuViet statedthat the task of the Green Growth Center is to introduce and demonstrate the latest technologies in the world such as water technology, on-farm irrigation, biotechnology, seeds ... and applyingthem in a large scale. Therefore, VAWR hopesthatthe Embassyof Israel cansupport, introduce the Israeli companies to cooperate and disseminate the technology of Israel andother areas in the future.

Ambassador Nadav Eshcar presented thank and appreciation to the visit of MARD and VAWR to the International Agricultural Exhibition Agritech 2018 in Israel recently and agreed with activities proposed by Vietnamparticipantsat the meeting.

The Ambassador said that cooperation in establishing a Center for demonstration and technology transfer is a greatidea and the model should be selected in consistentwith the interests of both parties. Israel will take into accountand soon send delegations and experts to discuss detailed plans for the implementation of specific activities, including assessment of development potential and overall water use planninginthe dry regions of Vietnam. The Ambassador also asked the Vietnamese side to send some information and documents on citrus recovery(orange tree)in Ha Giang and other provinces.

In 2018, Israelwill send experts to Vietnam and cooperate with VAWR to organize 1-week training course on water resources management.

Finally, regarding point of contact between both parties, the Deputy Minister assigned VAWR to be the main contactfor cooperation in science and technology, and cooperation contents; while agencies under MARD will be in charge of government management.

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