Strengthen research cooperation in the field of hydrology and floods in the Mekong Delta
Create date: 04/05/18
In the morning of April 4, 2018, the signing ceremony of a memorandum of understanding on hydrological and flood study in the Mekong Delta between the Vietnam Academy of Water Resources (VAWR) and Truong Giang Surveying, Planning, Design and ResearchInstitute.

Attending the signing ceremony were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tung Phong - Deputy Director General, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Quynh - Director of the National Key Laboratory for River& Ocean Dynamics, leaders and officersfrom the Center for Training and International Cooperation, the National Key Laboratory and representatives of the Planning Board.

The representative formTruong Giang Surveying, Planning and Research Institute were Mr. Xu Zhaoming - Deputy Director and experts in areas of irrigation, tide, hydrology, flood prevention.

On behalf of the mission team of the Truong Giang Surveying, Planning and Research Institute, Mr. Xu Zhaoming, deputy director of the Institute informed that the Institute is one of the members of the Truong Giang Science Research Institute. All the studies and design of irrigation works in the Truong Giang Basin as well as Mekong River basin management have been undertaken by the Institute; The Institute has a large number of staff, has been doing many projects on irrigation, hydropower, renewable energy ... and by this meeting he expressed his wish to discuss with the VAWR onthe issues of tide, flood prevention and control in the Mekong River basin and do hope to cooperate more with the VAWR in the near future.

In response to the delegation's speech, on behalf of the VAWR, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tung Phong - Vice Director thanked and welcomed the delegation to visit the VAWR. At the meeting, the Deputy Director expected that for knowing each other both sides would sel-introduce briefly about the organizational structure, functions, duties and capacity.

At the meeting, some contents of science and technology cooperation on floods, tides and other issues interested by both side in the Mekong Deltahave been discussed.

Following that, on behalf of VAWR,Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dr. Nguyen Tung Phong - Deputy Director and on behalf of Truong Giang Institute for Surveying, Planning, Design and Research Mr. Xu Zhaoming - Deputy Director have discuss and signed a cooperation agreement with the objective of promoting communication,better understanding, experiencesharing, technology communication and human resources train for research in the field of hydrology and floods in the Mekong Delta. Accordingly, the content of the cooperation agreement includes strengthening of joint research on tide characteristics, floods, sedimentation, erosion ... in the Mekong Delta and other river basins in Vietnam; The Chinese side will invite Vietnam side to visit for technical discussions on issues of mutual interest.



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