Working with KOICA delegation
Create date: 12/25/18
On December 24, 2018, the Director of the Vietnam Academy for Water Resources received and worked with the delegation of the Korea international co-operation agency KOICA - led by Mrs. Cho Jung Myung - Deputy Country Director of KOICA Vietnam.

Accompanying  Mrs. Cho JungMyung is Senior Manager - KOICA - Vietnam, representative of the Korea Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and leading experts of Korea in related fields.

Attending the meeting were the Leaders and experts of the Center for Water Resource Software (CWRS); General Planning Department.

On behalf of Vietnam Academy for Water Resource, Director of Institute of Assoc.Prof.Dr Nguyen Vu Viet said that he was very happy to welcome the Delegation and was happy to participate in the project of water resource management and irrigation management. On the Academy site, the Center for Water Resource Software,the member unit, is nominated as a cordination bridge between VAWR and the Delegation. Subsequently, the Director of the Academy also briefly introduced the VAWR to the Delegation.

Mrs. Cho Jung Myung - Deputy Country Director of KOICA Vietnam on behalf of the delegation introduced the schedule and work of the delegation during the working time in Vietnam as well as a brief introduction of the Project.

The project being mentioned is one of the group of projects which will be recruited for the period of 2020 - 2021. The purpose of the survey team is to conduct field surveys as well as surveys for related units in Vietnam. Therefore, the mission of the Delegation is to conduct practical surveys as well as collect necessary data for the project, then making the project pre-feasibility report and the content of this report will determine whether the Project is selected or not. Besides, the delegation will also survey the actual needs of the project, the necessity of Vietnam for the project.

Therefore, according to the Deputy Country Director of KOICA Vietnam, the survey mission in Vietnam played a very important role, deciding the success of the project. She hoped that the VAWR and the CWRS will coordinate as well as provide information and documents as a basis for developing the Project plan for the Delegation.

Reply Mrs. Deputy Country Director KOICA Vietnam, Director of the Academy affirmed that he will appoint Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hiep - Director of the Center for Water Resource Software to accompany the delegation and ready to provide all information and data in the survey area. In addition, when any problem arises, that need the cordination of VAWR as well as units under the Academy,VAWR will, if necessary,mobilize more resource.

On this occasion, the Director of VAWR wished the success of survey team and hoped that this project would be implemented after this survey. Then, the Director of the Academy expressed the desire to learn experience, thinking, approach, technologies from Korea and through this Project VAWR will work with the Korean side to implement other projects.

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