Working with Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development(OECD)
Create date: 11/30/18
On November 30, 2018, Vietnam Academy for Water Resourcesreceived and worked with the delegation of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), led by Ms. Emily Gray in charge of agricultureand trade policyanalysis.

Accompanying the Delegation, there is a representative of the Department of Cooperation and International - Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

On the side of Vietnam Academy for Water Resources, there are representatives of leaders and officials in Center for Training and International Cooperation, the Institute of Water Resources Economics and Management, Institute for Water and Environment and the Planning Department.

At the meeting, Ms. Emily Gray said that OECD organization has been researching policies, including policies related to agricultural development aiming to increase productivity and sustainable development as well as applying innovations in agriculture. Therefore, she would like to discuss with Vietnam Academy for Water Resourcesin terms of irrigation management and natural resource management, including water resource management.

After the delegation listening to the introduction of M.Sc To Viet Thang - Deputy Director of Center for International Training and Cooperation regarding the organizational structure and functions of Vietnam Academy for Water Resources, both sides shared opinions on relevant issues such as activities and programs conducted in VAWR; relationship of VAWR with national and international research institutions; collaboration with agricultural policy-making agencies, the main sectors thatVAWR coordinates with agenciesto integrate in the process of developing agricultural policies; exchanging opinions with relevant agencies in developing high-tech agriculture; relationship with farmers, transferring VAWR's research results to farmers; cooperating with the private sector of domestic and international companies in activities of VAWR; resources of VAWR for investment in research as well as difficulties and obstacles in the research process.

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